VL2500 Wash


VL2500 Wash - Overview

Proudly built in the USA, the VARI*LITE VL2500 Wash luminaire is based on one of our most popular luminaires - the VL2000 Wash - with some new changes that make it more desirable than ever.

The VL2500 Wash luminaire is equipped with the same features and characteristics that make the original Series 2000 fixtures so useful. It is still small, lightweight, and fast with a 700-watt short-arc lamp, impressive lumen output, and a zoom range from 14º to 55º. Of course, the VL2500 Wash luminaire still provides three-wheel CYM color mixing. When combined with 11 standard colors on a fixed wheel, the color options are practically limitless.

The new features in this luminaire are the coated glass dimmer wheel which provides smooth fades, and a separate dual-blade strobe system that offers quiet and reliable strobe effects. In addition, the VL2500 Wash luminaire's pan and tilt motors are now more powerful and provide more torque.

The fixture is the same size at the VL2500 Spot luminaire, and it has the same profile, providing a consistent hang configuration and appearance no matter which luminaire type is required.

The VL2500 Wash luminaire can be controlled from virtually any DMX512 console or DMX output device.

VL2500 Wash - Photometrics

VL2500 Wash Luminaire with 700 Watt Metal Halide
TN 1
TN 1
No lens travel 580,000 8 .14 14 .248
1/4 lens travel 295,000 11 .192 21 .369
1/2 lens travel 119,000 17 .304 33 .596
3/4 lens travel 56,500 27.5 .491 45 .831
Full lens travel 43,000 35.8 .646 55.5 1.054

1Multiply distance by Tn to determine beam/field diameter.
To calculate center beam Illuminance (I) in footcandles, at a specific distance (D): I = cd/D2
- if (D) is in feet, (I) is in foot candles
- if (D) is in meters, (I) is in lux

All data taken with a seasoned light source at 20 hours of life.
All data taken with front stipple glass in place.
Fixture output = 14,700 lumens.

VL2500 Wash - Dimensions