VL3000Q Wash


VL3000Q Wash - Overview

Proudly built in the USA, the VARI*LITE VL3000Q Wash luminaire is a powerful 1200W lumininaire with a noticeable reduction in noise output from the original Series 3000 luminiaires. The VL3000Q Wash luminaire maintains the powerful 20,000 lumens of output from the original VL3000 Wash luminaire and provides the same superior color and beam control. The "Q" range fixtures are designed for situations where the absence of noise is critical to the performance.

The Series 3000Q Wash moves and operates the same as the original Series 3000 luminaires. The trade off is strictly thermal. The "Q" range has an ambient temperature rating of 40-degrees Celsius, compared to the 50-degrees Celsius rating on the standard Series 3000 fixtures.

The VARI*LITE VL3000Q Wash luminaire features 6:1 zoomable beam spreader optics, CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction, a six position color wheel and separate dimmer and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms. A standard pallet of colors is provided with the unit. Custom colors are available.

An upper enclosure houses the control electronics as well as the arc power supply for the 1200 watt short arc lamp. The arc power supply is power factor corrected for superior power distribution and efficiency.

The VL3000Q Wash luminaire can be controlled from a wide variety of DMX512 consoles without the need for additional interface equipment.

The change in size and weight due to the modifications is minimal, allowing a consistent hang configuration and appearance no matter which luminaire type is required. The bottom vent cover is one inch taller, and the fixture is one pound heavier than the original Series 3000 Wash fixture.

VL3000Q Wash - Photometrics

VL3000 Wash Luminaire with 1200 Watt Metal Halide
TN 1
TN 1
Full Spot 1,253,000 7.5 0.131 14.0 0.246
25% Flood 495,000 10.0 0.175 22.0 0.389
50% Flood 178,000 18.0 0.317 37.5 0.679
75% Flood 94,100 25.0 0.443 49.5 0.922
Full Flood 61,100 30.5 0.545 60.0 1.155

1Multiply distance by Tn to determine beam/field diameter.
To calculate center beam Illuminance (I) in footcandles, at a specific distance (D): I = cd/D2
- if (D) is in feet, (I) is in foot candles
- if (D) is in meters, (I) is in lux

All data taken with a seasoned light source at 20 hours of life.
All data taken with front stipple glass in place.

VL3000Q Wash - Dimensions