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Holzmueller Productions

1000 25th. Street
San Francisco, California 94107
Phone Number:415-826-8383

Jim Schelstrate - System Sales, Ext. 226
Will Hammersmith - Production, Ext. 270
Damon Hope - Rentals-Expendables, Ext. 218
Joseph Amic-Angelo - Rentals-Expendables, Ext. 219
Dennis Witte - Service, Ext. 235
James Bartunek - Operations, Ext. 238


Company Description:

Since 1902, Holzmueller has specialized in Theatre, Event, and Concert Lighting. We provide System Sales, Production, Rentals, Expendable Sales, Design-Fabrication, and Labor. Holzmueller provides the best professional talent available in the entertainment industry today. We will oversee the survey of your site, development of a concept, completion of production calendar, presentation and technical drawings, models, light plots, power and rigging point surveys, scheduling engineers, ordering permits, renting lighting equipment, contracting vendors and payroll services, arranging transportation and labor, supervising installation and strike, handling vendors, all the way through to the event's evaluation.

Primary Business Focus:

Lighting System Sales, Rentals, Production, Scenic, Labor and Expendables in the Concert, Theatre, Corporate Event, and Architecture industry.