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With the patented VARI*IMAGE system, you can create gobos for your VARI*LITE luminaire with simple patterns, logos or complex pictorial images in a permanent glass format. Or express yourself with your own custom images. You have total creative freedom.

For Authorized Vari-Lite Dealers needing VARI*IMAGE artwork for their catalog or promotion, please contact Heinz Roy, Product Manager, at

For customers needing pricing for gobos, please contact your Authorized VARI*LITE Dealer or your regional VARI*LITE sales manager.

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Standard Gobos and Color Filters for VARI*LITE Luminaires

VL440, VL770, VL880 Stock Patterns & Color Filters (web page)

VL2500 Stock Patterns & Color Filters (web page)

VL3000 Stock Patterns & Color Filters (web page)

VL3015LT Stock Patterns & Color Filters (PDF file)

VL3500 Stock Patterns & Color Filters (web page)

VL4000 BeamWash Stock Patterns & Color Filters (web page)

VL4000 Spot Stock Patterns & Color Filters (web page)

Custom Patterns

One-of-a-kind custom patterns can be produced from your original artwork for direct purchase only. Click here for more information about ordering your Custom Gobos.