Two Designers, One Stage
Lighting Designers Share the Stage on the Diverse City Worldwide Tour
Published Wednesday, August 17, 2005
by Bryan Matthews

for the tour. It was bright enough for the guys and the zoom is intense. There is no other fixture that can put out the same color"

With all of the lighting gear traveling in only one truck, breakdowns and repairs were inevitable. But with only a finite number of instruments available that could carry out the specific lighting design of two separate performances, the lights needed to be dependable and easily repairable.

"The VL2500™ spot is a great fixture on the road. We didn't even have to open one up and tech it. They are flawless," stated Lava.

"When I'm not on the road, I'm usually working in a shop fixing lighting fixtures," replied Waldner. "I appreciate lighting fixtures that are designed to easily be worked on, and the VARI*LITE® fixtures are very dependable."

As the Diverse City Worldwide Tour came to end, it left in its wake thousands of energized fans and two satisfied lighting designers.

"We really felt the lights on the Diverse City Worldwide Tour," stated Audio Adrenaline bassist Will McGinniss. "They added so much to the energy of the night and they masterfully set the mood for each and every moment during the show. Hats off to Vari-Lite and a big thank you for the years of faithful service."

"The lighting designs for both performances came off flawlessly," said Lava. "The package from Bandit was perfect, and the VL2500™ was like the icing on the cake."

Waldner added, "I think in the end the budget and truck space made a lot of the decisions for us, but without the VL2500™ spot, we could not have pulled it off like we did."

Lighting designer Jeff Lava was born in a small town near Toronto, Canada. He began doing lighting design in 1989 with a local band named King's Ransom, where he enjoyed it so much that he did a co-op with a local lighting company called Central Lighting.

After a year with Central Lighting, a band named Hocus Pick came through his town and Lava asked if they need a lighting designer to tour with them. They actually needed a bus driver, so Lava said he could learn, and the next day, dropped out of high school and was on a bus to Vancouver.

Lava has done lighting design for a number of celebrated personalities in his career ranging from President George W. Bush and country artist Lorrie Morgan, to fashion, television, and arena shows. www.jefflava.com.

With a music career that stretches more than 10 years, Audio Adrenaline members Mark Stuart, Will McGinniss, Ben Cissell and Tyler Burkum have achieved longevity that only a handful of artist experience in today's fast-paced, ever-changing music industry. While the band's focus has always touched on themes of missions and outreach, Audio Adrenaline has never been more aggressive in communicating their message than they are now, with the release of a brand new album, UNTIL MY HEART CAVES IN, which will be released August 30, 2005.

Produced by acclaimed producer/guitarist Jay Joyce (The Wallflowers, Iggy Pop, Patty Griffin, Macy Gray), UNTIL MY HEART CAVES IN features a collection of songs that sound a rallying cry to youth. With a total of nine studio albums to its credit, Audio Adrenaline has surpassed sales of more than 3 million copies and has garnered a Grammy Award and multiple Dove Awards. Their critically acclaimed project, LIFT, generated three No. 1 singles, including the radio hit, "Ocean Floor." That milestone gave the band a career total of 17 No. 1 songs, including the audience favorite, "Big House," which was named the CCM Magazine No. 1 Song of the Decade for the 1990s. www.audioa.com.

Accentuating his celebrated career with dc talk, tobyMac made his solo bow in 2001 with the Grammy-nominated MOMENTUM. The disc marked a return to tobyMac's hip-hop roots, and yet the rapper-singer once again finds himself branching out from this base. In his latest offering, WELCOME TO DIVERSE CITY is an album bursting with musical flavors and nuances, and yet this stylistic blend finds unity through a melding of urban rock and hip-hop frames. His 2001 album debuted atop the Billboard Heatseekers chart, sold over 400,000 copies, and landed two number one singles, "Extreme Days" and "Somebody's Watching Me."

The Washington D.C. born artist has gone on to win several Dove Awards, including Producer of the Year, and twice winning BMI honors as Christian Songwriter of the Year. tobyMac has also topped CCM Magazine's 25 Most Important Artists Shaping Christian Music Today and placed fourth on their 25 Powerful People Who Have Made Christian Music What It Is Today. He made the cut for Christian Radio Weekly's 50 Most Influential People Today and was named one of the Top 50 Evangelical Leaders of This Generation by Christianity Today. www.tobymac.com

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