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Vari-Lite, Riders Pro and Futura IIuminacion To Host Open House in Argentina
Published Wednesday, August 13, 2008
by Angelia Pinaga

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – August 13, 2008  - Vari-Lite is proud to announce the addition of Argentinean dealer, Futura Iluminación and the rental dealer Riders Pro. Riders Pro will exclusively offer the complete line of Vari-Lite products for rental and Futura Iluminación will be selling Vari-Lite products to the entertainment market in Argentina.

The dealer will host an Open House on August 28 at the Museum, Peru 535. Visit for more details. The Open House will feature a lighting show using 24 VL3000™ Spot luminaires, 24 VL3500™ Wash luminaires and 10 VL500™ 80V luminaires. “We offer Vari-Lite products because they have the best automated luminaires in the world,” said Walter Buchholz, Sales Production Manager, Lighting Division for Riders Pro.

“We want guests to know that Vari-Lite is in Argentina and that we are carrying the product line,” said Buchholz. “We would like to give clients the opportunity to know the product, to know the product features and to know the product advantages. We also want our guests to know that we offer production services.”

Buchholz is inviting lighting designers, artists, musicians, television directors, marketing managers, night club personnel, theater owners and others within the entertainment industry.

Argentina has rich roots in the entertainment industry. The country houses some of the best schools for technical theatre and design and for performing arts. Argentina is one of the three largest markets in Latin America.

“We are expecting big numbers,” said Buchholz. “I am excited about having such world renowned, state-of-the-art products in my inventory.”

Vari-Lite trainer Todd Kessler will conduct a technical training session in Buenos Aires, the Paris of Latin America, in August.

To get more details for either the Open House or the training session - or (5411) 4553-8725.

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