THE VARI*LITE VLX WASH - A technical review by Mike Wood
Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010
by Mike Wood

Its been a couple of years since we've looked at a product from Vari-Lite in these reviews. Now, of course, part of the Philips stable of companies, Vari-Lite remains one of the best known and respected manufacturers of automated lighting, with a history that goes back to the first days of moving lights. They've always been recognised for their innovation with colour systems and the VL5 wash light with its radial dichroic colour system and distinctive turbine appearance has become an iconic workhorse product. That tradition continued with the VL500 wash and now Vari-Lite makes its first move into using LEDs with the VLX Wash. How does it perform? Does it live up to the legacy of its illustrious forebears? Is the light output enough? I hope this review will help you determine that for yourself.

To view the full product review of the VARI*LITE VLX Wash luminaire by Mike Wood, click here.

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