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Published Thursday, July 1, 2010 6:00 am

Philips Vari-Lite South African distributor, DWR Distribution, has delivered the sale of 120 VARI*LITE luminaires to Gearhouse Splitbeam, the theatre lighting division specialist of the Gearhouse South Africa Group of Companies.

The deal was co-ordinated by Gearhouse Splitbeam's Alistair Kilbee and DWR's Duncan Riley and is the largest sale of VAR*LITE fixtures to date in South Africa, and also the first purchase of the premium brand by Gearhouse.

With units delivered to Gearhouse's Johannesburg office, they will be used on the upcoming Closing Ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup which takes place at Soccer City Stadium, Soweto, on 11th July (LD Hugh Turner), and then a substantial quantity go straight onto the upcoming Asian tour of High School Musical (LD Declan Randall) for which Gearhouse is supplying the full lighting production.

The VAR*LITE sale by Johannesburg-based DWR includes 24 VL3500 Spot, 24 VL3500 Wash, 24 VL2500 Spot, 24 2500 Wash, and 24 VLX Wash luminaires.

Says Kilbee, "The sale was driven by our clients' requests. For major theatre productions VARI*LITE has always been the fixture of choice. With the growing volume of this type of show now visiting South Africa, it was essential to have a good stock to offer visiting productions."

In addition to being used on assorted Gearhouse Splitbeam projects, the VARI*LITE luminaires will also be available as part of a rental inventory. The legendary status of the Philips Vari-Lite brand is expected to bring a healthy flurry of cross-rental business from other production companies for theatre, corporate and rock 'n' roll shows.

Kilbee adds, "Vari-Lite created the first moving light and is still considered by many to be the best. Ever since I started in the industry it's been THE most prestigious moving light to own!"

Duncan Riley says, "I have known Alistair for a long time, and he has always said that his company would one day own VARI*LITE luminaires. The industry is very relationship driven in South Africa, and so when this opportunity arose to complete the deal and supply the lights, it meant a huge amount to be able to help his vision become a reality".

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