Published Friday, June 1, 2012
by Philips Vari-Lite

Professor Green is one of the UK’s fastest rising hip-hop stars today. Described by the NME as ‘annoyingly loveable,’ his recent tour to promote his latest album ‘At Your Inconvenience’ has been a huge hit. Lit by LD and technical director of DPL, Pete Watts, the rig was dominated by Philips Vari-Lite VL3000 Spot luminaires.

Watts’ clever use of light, angle, pattern, color and timing painted a sometimes lively and strobe heavy, sometimes understated, moody and evocative backdrop that perfectly complements the diverse range of high-energy melodies and passionate confessionals that make up Professor Green’s spirited show.

An experienced and well respected lighting designer, Watts says he specified VL3000 Spot luminaires for a number of reasons. “On this show I used the fixtures for everything from key light from the floor and sides to backlighting and strobe effects,” he explains. “VL3000 Spots are one of my favorite spotlights, primarily because they’re so versatile. The quality of the optics allows me create looks with a depth not possible with any other fixtures and the color saturation is exceptional.”

In fact Watts has really capitalized on the multifaceted features of the VL3000 Spot luminaires to convey a stunning design with a wealth of looks. He explains further, “The concept for the design was to work with the band in the same way that a lighting designer for a ballet relies on the bodies of the dancers to deliver impact. By enveloping the band members within the lighting rig and by using a theatrical approach to the style of the lighting, I was able to paint the whole space with light to create a massively varied show without the need for large video screens or stage sets.”

With 6:1 zoom optics, CYM color mixing, a six-position color wheel, and three gobo/effects wheels, the VL3000 Spot offers Watts an adaptable palette backed by legendary Philips Vari-Lite accuracy and precision, optimal flexibility over movement, and wide range of colors and gobos.

“Pete Watts’ intense and vibrant design has proved a dynamic coupling with the hard-hitting blend of emotional and upbeat hits from Professor Green,” says David March, Director, European Sales for Philips Vari-Lite. “We look forward to seeing more of his work at a number of festivals throughout the summer.”

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