Published Tuesday, March 25, 2014
by Philips Vari-Lite

Lighting and show designer Will Potts is utilizing the versatility and internal speed of VL3000 Spot luminaires to execute his energetic lighting design for electronic music duo Disclosure.

Potts specified the VL3000 Spots, which were provided by leading supplier PRG, to skillfully bring to life the band's signature icon, the instantly recognizable line drawing of a face, as part of his design. For the preliminary stages of the project, Potts employed the VL3000 Spots powerful beam to project custom artwork through a series of gauze screens, transporting 2D images into a 3D space.

"The VL3000 Spots were always my first choice for this show," says Potts. "The clarity of image projection combined with good brightness, wide zoom capabilities and its global availability made it a no brainer to use. I also really enjoy being able to use three rotating gobo wheels loaded with custom artwork. The VL3000 Spots consistency and accuracy in repeating my programming, not only within a single luminaire but across multiple fixtures, means I have more time on the road concentrating on adapting the design to suit each space."

Potts explains that in the first stages of the project, the venue spaces were much smaller and therefore it was hard to harness the power of the VL3000 Spot. However, now Disclosure play to increased crowd sizes in much larger locations he is able to fine-tune this depth and projection angle to work with each space, allowing him to get the maximum effect from the artwork.

Through the development of the project, Potts has animated some of his artwork, with the face now singing several of the tracks. Regardless, the VL3000 Spots are still heavily relied upon to add significant depth to the design's static images.

It's apparent that the reliability, efficiency and global presence of the Phlips Vari-Lite VL3000 Spot means it remains the ideal fixture for Potts' design as the tour increases in size and scope.

"Programming time is saved thanks to the VL3000 Spots gobo design with cogs permanently fixed onto the glass gobo itself. It's also a very universal fixture, and there hasn't been a show yet in the world where I haven't been able to source them. It's down to this that the VL3000 has been such a successful fixture in moving my design forward and growing the live show's personality with the band all over the world."

Disclosure's tour continues this year throughout Europe, and includes headline performances at a number of exciting festivals this summer.

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