Published Wednesday, August 13, 2014
by Cache Creek Casino Resort

Cache Creek Casino Resort, (CCCR), located in Brooks, CA, recently completed upgrading the lighting system in its popular entertainment hub, Club 88. Along with extensive audio and video production upgrades, the 700-seat multipurpose venue is now a premiere state-of-the-art performance space equally able to showcase entertainment acts as well as sporting events booked at the Northern California casino complete with Vari-Lite VL440 Spot, VL770 Spot, and VLX3 Wash luminaires, provided by PRG.

Club 88’s technical team wanted to move beyond the limitations of the original, more conventional lighting equipment. They were looking to more effectively address the audiences’ expectations and the technical requirements of the full range of events hosted, including the numerous national and international musical acts, top-bill comedians, and live boxing. It was important to the CCCR team that the production systems be more than capable of supporting the first class entertainment that the venue brings in regularly.

It was also important that any upgrades still work within the building’s structural and electrical allowances. “We decided that the Philips Vari-Lite VL440, VL770, and VLX3 automated lights were best suited for our needs,” says Bob Brigham, CCCR Entertainment Production Specialist. “These fixtures provide the needed output while still having the feature sets of their much larger companions. They give our house and touring LD's a greater palette with which to paint.”

Brigham and James Taylor, CCCR’s Entertainment Technical Manager, worked closely with Scott Sawyer, Account Executive with PRG, on the purchase of the new lighting products. “The original Cache Creek installation in 2004 was one of my first projects at PRG,” notes Sawyer. “Since then we’ve been working with them over the years and collaborating with the technical team to arrange product demonstrations for them. I was glad we could again work with them to find the right equipment solution that would best fulfill their needs as well as maintain their budget.”

The new lighting package of eight VL770 Spots, 12 VL440 Spot, and six VLX3 Wash luminaires were added to Club 88’s existing lighting rig, which already included VL1000 ERS luminaires. Taylor explains, “Having toured with Vari-Lite fixtures for many years, I was very happy that we were able to incorporate these fixtures into our inventory. Cache Creek Casino Resort prides itself on being a premiere entertainment destination that provides not only a superior gaming experience, but also the best live entertainment experience possible.”

PRG’s Sawyer knows that it’s all about listening to the client’s needs and requirements that let him bring the best range of solutions to the discussion. “We hear what the customer wants; we don’t tell them what they need, we listen,” he explains. “At PRG we work to fulfill the client’s production needs all while understanding their budget. The Cache Creek Casino project is a really good example of that; balancing what the client had to spend and what they were trying to achieve. It all came together with a great mix of gear.”

CCCR’s Brigham was very pleased with the efforts of PRG and Sawyer on the system upgrade. “We’ve had a great relationship with Scott and PRG since we originally opened the facility in 2004. He always gives us advice and good options.”

The reaction from touring groups and their LDs has been overwhelmingly positive. “Everybody that I’ve talked to, loves what we have,” says Taylor. “There might be one or two old-school guys who are a little intimidated by what we have; but I’m one of the old school guys and I absolutely love what we’ve got.”

Brigham points out, “Since we are much better equipped than other facilities in our area it’s often an unexpected surprise to a lot of the acts that come through our venue. We really want people to know what we have and the high level of technical support we offer here at Club 88. It’s great when they walk in and realize that we have state-of-the-art everything.”

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