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Newest VARI*LITE Luminaires are Right on "Q"
Series 3000™ product line expansion offers 50 percent audible reduction in noise output
Published Friday, November 21, 2003

DALLAS - November 21, 2003 - For situations where the absence of noise is critical to the performance, Vari-Lite today introduced its Series 3000™Q luminaires, an expansion of the powerful and highly popular 1200W Series 3000™ fixtures. Engineering of the new "Q" (for quiet) range fixtures resulted in an audible noise output reduction of 50 percent from the original Series 3000 spot and wash luminaires.

"Customers who have noise-critical applications will prefer the 'Q' versions," said Vari-Lite product manager George Masek. "The fixtures are designed and engineered for Broadway productions, television, houses of worship or any setting where quiet fixtures are crucial for a successful performance and audience experience. That we were able to reduce the noise output by 10 dBA is extremely significant."

Vari-Lite engineers achieved a 50-percent audible noise reduction by slowing the fixture's seven fans and redesigning several key elements to handle the increased heat load on the internal components. A high-performance UV/IR window filters additional unwanted non-visible wavelengths from the bulb that would otherwise be passed through the optical train. Other changes include the use of higher temperature materials and more efficient airflow paths to keep components cool. All operational features currently in the Series 3000 fixtures are present in the Series 3000Q products.

The Series 3000Q fixtures move and operate the same as the original Series 3000 spot and wash luminaires. The trade off is strictly thermal. The "Q" range has an ambient temperature rating of 40-degrees Celsius, compared to the 50-degree Celsius rating on the standard Series 3000 fixtures.

"The 'Q' range fixtures meet the 40-degree Celsius ambient operating temperature that seems to be the industry standard that other automated lighting manufacturers shoot for," Masek said. "The Series 3000Q range is engineered for specific applications and installations where the ambient temperature is not a factor, but silence is. These fixtures are another example of the industry asking and Vari-Lite delivering."

For customers who already own Series 3000 wash and spot luminaires, Vari-Lite offers the option of purchasing a "Q-kit," which includes all of the necessary hardware, electronics and glass needed to convert a standard Series 3000 luminaire to a "Q" version. The change in size due to the modifications is minimal. Basically, the bottom vent cover is one inch taller, and the unit is about a pound heavier.

"One thing that all automated lighting manufacturers hear constantly, particularly from the theater and television lighting designers, is that they want quieter fixtures," Masek said. "The noise reduction is truly amazing. When coupled with the virtually silent pan and tilt movement, the unit is practically silent. The first time I saw the Series 3000Q fixtures in a side-by-side comparison I had to ask, 'are these units even on?' They were literally that quiet."

Vari-Lite expects to begin production on the Series 3000Q fixtures and "Q-kits" in January.

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Vari-Lite is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of automated lighting products. The company markets its products primarily to the entertainment industry, serving such markets as concert touring, theater, television and film and corporate events. Vari-Lite sells VARI*LITE® automated lighting equipment through a dedicated sales staff and a worldwide network of independent dealers. Vari-Lite is a division of Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC.


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