BSL Takes VARI*LITE® Fixtures Coast to Coast
Published Friday, September 17, 2004

New VARI*LITE® dealer BSL Productions couldn't wait to take possession of its new inventory of VARI*LITE automated luminaires. BSL lighting designer James Peck was so excited about the prospect of having the new lighting tools that he included 37 VARI*LITE units in the lighting design for a major convention on the West Coast even though BSL had yet to received the fixtures.

"We had signed the agreement to become a VARI*LITE dealer, but we hadn't yet received our first shipment of fixtures, so we actually rented them from 21st Effects in California," Peck explained. "I knew we were going to have VARI*LITE fixtures in stock, and I wanted to use VARI*LITE lights for that show. It was a big show for us, a couple of trailers leaving the East Coast for the West Coast.

"I was very happy with the VARI*LITE fixtures. They looked great," Peck added.

The show, a Service Employees International Union convention, took place at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. The main venue had a duplex stage set-up with a main stage for the general session. Connected to it stage right was an entertainment stage used primarily for performances by dance troupes. There was also musical entertainment and drama/theater type productions as well.

The automated lighting rig Peck specified included 22 VL3000™ Spot luminaires and 15 VL2000™ Wash fixtures. The VARI*LITE units were used on both stages, but were there primarily for the entertainment lighting. All of the VL2000 Wash fixtures were flown on the aerial truss, as were 16 of the 1200W VL3000 Spot luminaires. Peck positioned the remaining six VL3000 Spot units on the floor upstage in a small trench between the stage and a 50-by-25-foot high video projection drop.

Most of Peck's lighting creation included aerial designs making use of the rich color coming from the VARI*LITE fixtures. He also used the video projection drop as a canvass for the lights.

"VARI*LITE fixtures have always produced a better color than any other automated light," Peck said. "That's the one thing that has always stood out to me about Vari-Lite, the richness of color in their fixtures. We were sold on the VARI*LITE units early on after we'd demo'd them. After this show I was convinced that we had made the right choice."

With a full inventory of VARI*LITE fixtures in house, BSL can now offer that choice to its customers.

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