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Vari-Lite Introduces Two New Luminaires at LDI
CYM color mixing, other features added to popular Series 2000™ fixtures
Published Friday, October 22, 2004

DALLAS - Oct. 22, 2004 - The introduction of the new VL2500™ Spot and VL2500™ Wash luminaires exemplifies Vari-Lite's commitment to provide valuable lighting tools designers can use for any type of project or event. In the VL2500 luminaires, Vari-Lite has added an improved CYM color-mixing system, a coated glass dimmer wheel and a separate dual-blade strobe system to its extremely popular Series 2000™ product line.

The CYM color-mixing system provides designers a myriad of color options, from pastels to deep colors. The Vari-Lite color-mixing system is extremely fast, so it responds almost like a fixed color wheel so designers can quickly snap from one color to the next. The VL2500 fixtures also have an 11-slot fixed color wheel that allows designers even more freedom to create new looks and designs by laying any of the 11 colors over open white or any color they mix with the CYM system.

"Designers recognize that Vari-Lite makes lighting tools," said Vari-Lite product manager George Masek. "We're also very interested in responding to our customers' needs. The VL2500 fixtures are perfect examples of that. We took an existing product that is a staple in the industry, and we refined and improved upon it."

We use a higher resolution coating process on the dichroic CYM wheels used in the VL2500 fixtures, resulting in a more even color mix. The VL2500 fixtures also now feature separate dimmer and strobe systems that provide an extremely smooth dimming curve and lightning fast strobe action.

"As the automated lighting industry matures, clients are demanding more reliable and useful tools - not necessarily more wild, outrageous features they might use one time during a show," Masek said. "What matters most to designers is clarity of optics; zoom; smooth, quick movement and strong output at a reasonable price. That is Vari-Lite's focus when it comes to the development of new fixtures."

The VL2500 fixtures are also built with a beam size iris motor that is quieter than the motors in the original Series 2000 fixtures. The pan and tilt motors on the fixtures -- the same ones used in the 1200W Series 3000™ luminaires - are more powerful, provide more torque and are quieter as well.

"Designing products with a long life-cycle shows fidelity to all of our customers," Masek said. "Rental houses aren't interested in products that become obsolete almost bi-annually. And we show loyalty to the designers and end users by offering quality optics and features they actually use day in and day out in all types of applications."

The VL2500 Spot and VL2500 Wash fixtures were introduced to the industry Oct. 22 at the LDI trade show in Las Vegas.

About Vari-Lite
Vari-Lite is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of automated lighting products. The company markets its products primarily to the entertainment industry, serving such markets as concert touring, theater, television and film and corporate events. Vari-Lite sells VARI*LITE® automated lighting equipment through a dedicated sales staff and a worldwide network of independent dealers. Vari-Lite is a division of Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC.


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