Purpose Driven Worship Conference Comes Alive With VARI*LITE
Published Thursday, August 3, 2006
by Bryan Matthews

On June 27, 2006, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, opened their annual Purpose Driven Worship Conference. This highly anticipated worship conference includes inspirational speakers along with sensational evening concerts. Overseeing the lighting design for the four day event was Jon Griffin, and to create his masterful and expansive lighting design, Griffin chose VARI*LITE® automated luminiares.

"I need no nudging to choose VARI*LITE luminaires," stated Griffin, "Our house rig consists of VL2000™ Spot and Wash fixtures, so when I was looking to supplement the lighting rig for the conference, I knew I would use more VARI*LITE."

With a complete lighting rig supplied by California Stage and Lighting, Griffin’s lighting design consisted of 12 VL3000™ Wash luminiares, eight VL2500™ Spot luminiares, 10 VL1000™ TS luminaires, and then his house rig of 18 VL2000™ Spot luminaires and eight VL2000™ Wash luminaires.

To complete his lighting hang, focus and design, Griffin was given a day and a half. Each day of the conference was to be comprised of a music service in the morning, followed by an afternoon seminar and an evening concert with two bands performing each night.

In the beginning, Griffin ran into one slight hang up. "The Anaheim Mighty Ducks were using a large number of fixtures that were to be used in my rig, previous to us getting them for our performances. But thanks to everyone at Cal Stage and Lighting we were able to get them all in time. After a quick cleaning on a few fixtures to remove some Mighty Duck confetti, we got them all in the air and focused right on time."

With his lighting rig now in place, Griffin turned his attention to the programming. "During the morning music service we used a few basic looks to accentuate the tempo of style of each song. As the speakers would take the stage, the lighting would fall into a full stage wash. Then for the evening concerts, we programmed 30 faders with three to four looks per fader, and ran each show on the fly."

In his design, Griffin utilized each luminaire to its full potential. The VL3000 Wash luminiares were used to give the performances a full stage wash, along with tight beam overhead aerials. The VL2500 Spot luminiares handled the lighting effects. The VL2000 Spot luminaires provided texture and color, as well as front of house specials. The VL2000 Wash luminiares complemented the VL3000 fixtures with a full stage wash. And the VL1000 TS luminaires allowed Griffin to create moveable specials with shutter cuts.

Griffin concluded, "When I received the tour rider for MercyMe, who was our advertised headliner, I sent them back our lighting plot. On the day they arrived, I was informed by the road manager that the MercyMe lighting designer was so confident in the lighting rig and design that he was not traveling with the group. It was a bit of a surprise with only three hours before the show was to go up, but we were able to pull it off with no problems. Everything went off absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t have been happier. The conference was a huge success."

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