April 7, 2020

    Dallas – Vari-Lite, a Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) entertainment lighting brand, has announced a new LED version of the iconic Leko® Profile luminaire along with an updated Cantata Fresnel. The two new fixtures are available in full color RGBALC as well as tunable warm and cold white versions, and are part of a full range of theatrical luminaires announced today targeting theatres, houses of worship, TV and film studios, and other performance spaces.


    The full color versions of the new Leko and Cantata luminaires feature an RGBALC (red, green, blue, amber, lime and cyan) color mixing system as well as the SmartColor Control system first seen on the recently announced Vari-Lite VL5LED WASH. “With a full RGBALC color system, designers have a wide range of rich color options that help them achieve the same deep colors they once obtained with gels,” explains Martin Palmer, Senior Product Manager, Vari-Lite Luminaires at Signify. “With the innovative SmartColor Control System, designers can now use LEDs to obtain those deep colors while still using classic CYM + CTO control.”


    For better reproduction of skin tone and other colors on stage, the new Leko LED Profile and Cantata LED Fresnel are also available in two white output versions—a warm tunable white (2700K to 4500K) and cold tunable white (4000K to 7000K) variety—both of which offer a consistent CRI exceeding 94 across all color temperatures, as well as high TM30 and TLCI values. “Although the technology within LED light sources provides the promise of tunable color temperature, the reality is often disappointing,” adds Palmer. “Tunable white color sources almost always compromise in output, consistency in the quality of light, or both. With the cold and warm tunable white options on the new Leko and Cantata luminaires, designers get true tunable white with a consistently high CRI across the entire range of color temperatures.”


    In addition to the color options on the new luminaires, both fixtures include features designed to simplify installations as well. The new Leko LED uses the SPX Smart Gate found on legacy SPX and PL4 fixtures, ensuring it is compatible with existing SPX lenses. An optional universal lens tube will also be available later this year for use with legacy Leko lens tubes and other common lens systems. For the Cantata, designers have a wide range of 10° to 55° on the smooth manual zoom, while the locking default standard size accessory rails located at the front of the fixture allow for further beam shaping using the optional eight leaf barndoor or third-party accessories.


    “We are proud to see new editions of industry icons like the Leko profile that has inspired generations of lighting designers,” says Sameer Sodhi, Business Leader, Vari-Lite at Signify. “These fixtures draw upon the years of innovation in theatrical luminaires our legacy brands and delivers the color and quality of light designers want without the headaches. Initial feedback from designers has been exceptional, and we are excited to announce these fixtures to the market.”


    The new luminaires will be available in May.

    Leko LED Profile Image 1
    Niagara Falls_Image 2 – Photo credits: Light Monkey Photography