(2000+ SEATS)

    To learn more about Vari-Lite's holistic solution for education theatres, check out our application brief.


    School performing arts centers are often the second home for many secondary and higher education arts programs. These high demand performance spaces have all the needs of both a traditional school auditorium and a community theatre in a single space. The sophisticated performances in these spaces rival regional productions but utilize house lighting systems. To meet the varied requirements of the many productions and other events that go on in these spaces, performing arts centers need a diverse set of fixed position theatrical fixtures along with full featured moving head luminaires that can be used to bring effects and illuminate many different areas of the stage during a production.


    With an integrated Vari-Lite lighting solution, secondary and higher education institutions can bring an adaptable visual experience perfect for any production. Our theatrical fixtures offer beautiful color rending and exclusive control capabilities, while the powerful, yet cost effective Vari-Lite VL800 Series offers fixed position and moving head luminaires that give the perfect look every time.

    With our customizable power control solutions, schools can have control options to meet the needs of a variety of fixture types. For more control in more locations in the venue, DMX Nodes can connect your entire solution over a LAN infrastructure using ShowNet, sACN, or Art-Net, ensuring you have control where you need it now and in the future—with less cost. The powerful NEO Console offers advanced capabilities in an intuitive, easy-to-learn format.


    Small Sanctuary Block Diagram


    Small Sanctuary Light Plot