(300-2000 SEATS)

    To learn more about Vari-Lite's holistic solution for education theatres, check out our application brief.


    School theatres are all about balance, designed to both entertain and to provide a teaching environment. These dedicated performance spaces are built to easily facilitate varying types of productions and foster the education of technical and creative performance art. From the technical perspective, this requires a quality lighting solution that is cost-effective, scalable and fully featured. However, the most important requirement is that the lighting system ensure the students shine on or off stage, enabling them to learn and build creative and technical confidence while having fun.


    One of the factors that ensures this balance is the ability to easily use the equipment. This allows instructors to educate students on the fundamentals of the technology while also training them to safely operate it.


    To provide adaptable and easy-to-use lighting for education theatres, an integrated Vari-Lite lighting solution ensures students can learn while affording a fun and semi-professional visual experience. The NEO Compact 10 lighting console provides professional capabilities with a simple, intuitive touchscreen interface that makes it easy for young technicians to improve their technical and creative skills. For non-performance use, Vision.Net Touchscreens and Button Stations offer a simple way of controlling the entire system without the need for a full-featured console.

    To aid schools in lighting students in a safe and capable manner, our theatrical fixtures offer powerful fixed lighting capabilities with reliable LED light engines that limit maintenance needs.


    Small Sanctuary Block Diagram


    Small Sanctuary Light Plot