BETAPACK 4 (230V)

    The BetaPack 6-channel dimmer has served the industry for 30 years with legendary reliability, robustness, versatility and value for money.

    The fourth generation of BetaPack builds on this heritage by distributing both dimming and 'hot power' (power straight from the MCB, bypassing all control circuitry) to a mixed rig of both tungsten and LED fixtures in a single, affordable device. BetaPack continues to serve the most modern applications in lighting rental, installation and portable situations for many thousands of venues worldwide.

    BetaPack includes variants with sockets to match most global standards, and is supplied with MCBs on every channel. The versatility of BetaPack means it can be 19” rack mounted or installed on a wall using the brackets supplied, or made portable by using the included Easicarry kit consisting of a handle and four feet. Its legendary reliability and durability make it the dimmer of choice for many thousands of venues worldwide.