Signify’s entertainment lighting business has included the industry’s most iconic entertainment lighting brands, including Vari-Lite, Showline, Selecon, and Strand.


    In 2019, Signify phased out the Showline and Selecon brands, while Vari-Lite and Strand continued to operate in their own business-focused brands.


    In 2020, Signify decided to centralize its investments in entertainment lighting, moving forward in Vari-Lite LLC with the intention that, over time, Vari-Lite LLC would continue as the sole legal entity to conduct and coordinate business for all Signify entertainment lighting.


    In 2021, Zero 88, the well-known entertainment lighting controls and power management brand, joined the Signify entertainment business unit.


    In August 2022, we continued our simplification journey and focused on one brand - Vari-Lite - to reflect the way we operate our business. This means that all new entertainment products will only be branded as Vari-Lite. To avoid customer confusion, we will not rebrand existing legacy products.


    This move creates a significantly stronger, more competitive global brand and provides our customers with a clearer message and greatly improved and simplified experience. Vari-Lite is globally renown for quality, reliability, expertise, and innovation in entertainment lighting and has earned deep brand loyalty.


    Customers will not notice any change in their interactions with Signify’s entertainment group, as the existing Vari-Lite and Zero 88 brands are already supported by one operational team, cumulating the strong experience inherited from all the brands.


    These changes will begin to roll out in phases over the coming months.