Welcome to the new home of Vari-Lite and Strand. Two iconic lighting brands, both proud of our history but driven by today – ready to support your next show, tour, production or creative vision.


    Together we offer high-quality, dynamic lighting fixtures and controls with innovative technology and powerful features that enable end-users to express themselves and inspire audiences around the world.


    What’s changed?

    • 2018: our parent company Philips Lighting became Signify
    • 2019: Vari-Lite and Strand operate as standalone brands of our parent company Signify.
    • Vari-Lite incorporates Showline – you will now find Showline products with Vari-Lite
    • Strand incorporates Selecon – you will now find Selecon products with Strand


    What hasn’t changed?

    • Our shared passion for developing innovative, high-quality products and control systems to support the creative visions of lighting designers, artists and performers worldwide
    • Our high standards: our design and production methods stay the same
    • Our warranties: we honor our promises
    • Our support: we’re here for you – our worldwide dealer network remains the same
    • Our training: our certified product training continues as before
    • Our online resources: continue to be live and available for you – if you’re a registered user we’ll update you with any changes we make