Intuitive, customizable architectural lighting that scales from one room to a whole building.



    Turn your environment into an experience with powerful capabilities and broad sensor and connectivity options.



    Unlock the creative potential in your next lighting design with customizable user interfaces, automated macros, and production-quality architectural control.

    Versatile Control icon

    Versatile Control


    Whether your application calls for basic on/off and dimming control, automated playback of lighting scenes, or live adjustment of fixed and moving head luminaires, add intuitive architectural lighting control to your entertainment or commercial environment.

    Dramatic Looks icon

    Dramatic Looks


    Configure look presets right from the Vision.Net touchscreen or record and play back DMX control information of a full production lighting rig. And for even more complex lighting control, Vision.Net integrates directly with NEO Series consoles.

    Perfect for Architainment icon

    Perfect for Architainment


    Control intricate lighting scenes using DMX snapshotting or native integration with NEO Series consoles. An ideal architainment lighting solution for museums, atriums, and retail displays, you can recall looks based on a button press, sensor response, or scheduled event.

    Environmental Systems icon

    Environmental Systems


    Extend beyond lighting to integrate with third-party control systems. Send and receive commands using dry contact closures to control window blinds, projector screens, AV control systems, HVAC, and more. Lighting and control commands can be combined as "Smart Buttons," offering powerful cueing in a single macro.

    Energy Management icon

    Energy Management


    Save on energy costs by automating lights based on a scheduled action or a signal from a Vari-Lite or third-party sensor. Respond to occupancy sensors, IR room combine sensors, vacancy sensors, door and window sensors, access card readers, alarm systems, and more.

    Custom Solutions Available icon

    Custom Solutions Available


    Vari-Lite can provide custom-built solutions perfect for any application. The Vari-Lite factory can build and populate custom enclosures and racks that meet your exact requirements. And with in-house engraving services and custom finish options, you can get the right look every time.



    Vision.Net offers unparalleled flexibility and maximum reliability thanks to a distributed architecture that scales from a single room to a large campus. For small solutions, enjoy a seamless, integrated experience that connects control devices such as touchscreens and sensors to power management devices, data distribution systems, luminaires, and the console. For large systems, the same seamless experience is near-endlessly scalable to meet the needs of any sized application.


    User Interfaces

    Vision.Net offers a variety of user interface options that are perfect for any application. From our simple keypad and fader control stations to our capacitive touchscreens to our web-based Gateway On-the-Go interface, we have the right level of control capabilities for your space.

    Control Signal Interface and Distribution

    System designers have the capability to connect a variety of different control signals to the Vision.Net network, including DMX, digital I/O, RS232, and more.

    System Management Devices

    Vision.Net management devices coordinate activities throughout the system. The Vision.Net Gateway coordinates events using a built-in astronomical clock and includes an onboard DHCP server. With the Vision.Net RS-232 Interface, users can provide system updates to connected devices for applications without network connectivity.


    System designers can use Vision.Net sensors to automate their lighting based upon room occupancy or ambient light levels, resulting in energy and cost savings as well as a simpler-to-manage system.


    To ensure a proper system design wherever you need them, Vision.Net includes a full range of mounting and power accessories. Built around standard 35mm DIN Rail, system designers can retrofit Vision.Net devices into any existing installation or incorporate into any new build.
    NMHS stage (C) NMHS

    Vision.Net in Action

    North Montgomery High School


    “The ability to seamlessly go from using Vision.Net, to the lighting console and back, was instrumental to meeting the customer’s needs. Overall, the new system offers a greater level of flexibility and a system that will work for them for many more years to come.”


    -Sean Cole, Associated Controls & Design