Global 24hr technical support:

    Call: +1 214 647 7880



    European technical support:



    North American technical support:

    Call: 877 827 4548



    Console User Support:

    For questions about using Vari-Lite lighting consoles, visit the Console Users Facebook group or the Zero 88 Community Support Forum. If you need advanced technical support, please call 877-VARI-LITE or email


    General Zero 88 support

    For general Zero 88 support, email


    Zero 88 fixture support

    For any questions specific to a fixture or to request fixture file creation, email


    General Zero 88 Inquiries

    For other Zero 88 inquiries, email


    Service Repair

    ​For service and repair questions regarding products that are currently under warranty, visit our Where to Buy / Rent / Service locator, select Filter, and then filter the “Partner” category by Service Center.​

    For service and repair questions regarding products that are no longer under warranty, visit our Out of Warranty page for more information.


    Looking for someone specific? Find them in our Key Contacts.