VL6000 Beam


VL6000 Beam - Overview

Vari-Lite VL6000 BeamDesigned specifically as the market leading mid-air effects fixture, the VL6000 Beam sets a new standard in its class. A large 14” front aperture – using a new exclusive Philips ellipsoid reflector array system – produces a retro style searchlight effect, with a high output tight collimated shaft of light at 6.5.

Its light weight robust construction and stylish compact design, allows the fixture to transport and install easily, while its visual effects offer something truly spectacular for arena applications.

VL6000 Beam - Photometrics

VL6000 Beam - 1500W
Static dynamic color system allows the VL6000 Beam to maintain its highest output at all times and gives the operator 18 direct colors from 3 color wheels as well as color mixing to achieve up to 55 full color combinations and endless split color effects.
Produces a high output tight collimated shaft of light at 6.5°.
The exclusive cloaked transition generator system can be used to create auto-timed fades between color combo to reduce programing time in transitioning colors. 
Aerial beam and image projection system consists of a variable iris reducing the 6.5° to near 1° beam angle, mid-air and projected images area produced via 7 interchange fully rotatable and indexable gobos, the edge sharpness and image appearance can be further adjusted via the dedicated focus channel.
VL6000 Beam Photometric

VL6000 Beam - Dimensions