The VL2600 Series is, to date, one of the most popular Vari-Lite fixtures ever produced. The VL2600 SE Upgrade light engine offers a sustainable industry approach to product life cycle extension. As well as extending the current VL2600 series fixture life cycle, upgrades in LED efficiencies once fitted offers a significantly increased output to existing VL2600 Series fixtures without comprising the light quality.


    The upgrade process can be performed simply and quickly by a qualified technician. See the instruction video for step-by-step instructions.


    • Straight replacement for current VL2600 Series light engine - extend the life of any VL2600 Profile, Wash or Spot
    • Significantly increased output - higher lumen output with same great feature set
    • 10-year minimum lifecycle - fixture will remain in use for years to come
    • Works with highly speciified VL2600 Series - compatible with wide available, commonly specified workhorse family of fixtures

    Product Summary, Documentation and Downloads