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Backstage with Vari-Lite

Stories and pictures from "Vari-Lite Backstage" feature recent shows/tours that have used VARI*LITE® products. This list will be updated check back to find out where we go backstage next. For information on how you can be included in Backstage, contact Bryan Matthews.

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Barbizon Lighting Extravaganza with Thommy Hall

Check out these pictures sent in by Thommy Hall of the Barbizon Lighting Extravaganza in Winston-Salem. NC, that included a great presentation by Don Holder. Thanks to everyone at Barbizon and at University of North Carolina School of the Arts for all of the help.


2009 Concordia Christmas Pageant

In December 2009, Lighting Designer Bryan Duncan took on the Annual Concordia Christmas Pageant at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.  In his design, Bryan once again hung a beautiful VARI*LITE luminaire rig and the performance looked spectacular.  A special thanks to Courtney at Clearwing Productions and Bryan for providing us with these backstage looks at the event.



Montreal Canadiens 100th Anniversary Closing Ceremonies

As the Montreal Canadiens celebrated their 100th Anniversay, Lighting Designer Yves Aucoin utililzed 172 VARI*LITE automated luminaires to create a beautful lighting design. Thank you to Karl Gaudreau for sending in these wonderful shots. According to Karl, the VLX Wash luminaires were positioned from 75 feet away and looked great!



Backstage with Wisin and Yandel

A royalty sighting in Latin America? The Kings of Regueton Wisin & Yandel with the Kings of Lighting Jaime Friedstadt and Eggie Allende.

Paul McCartney tours with the VLX Wash and VL3500FX Wash luminaires

On December 2, 2009, Sir Paul McCartney embarked on a 7-city European tour and with him, lighting designer Roy Bennett decided to pack both the VLX Wash and the VL3500FX Wash luminaires as prime lighting instruments to highlight the musicality of the music legend.  Thanks to Vari-Lite RSM Ray Whitton for sending us the photos of his backstage experience.



The VLX Wash Stars on The Singing Bee

Continuing to prove is versatility as the premier LED Wash lighting fixture for both live and broadcast events, the VLX Wash is currently starring in The Singing Bee with lighting designer John Conti and his crew.



USITT Midwest Event at Stevens Point

Vari-Lite RSM Leo Miller spent a weekend at the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point, about 3 hours north of Milwaukee and the Alma-Matter of Aaron Hubbard from Clearwing. Aaron was invited by the USITT chapter to present on lighting and he asked Leo to present the new VLX Wash luminaire along with VL1000ERS and VL3500 Spot luminaire. According to Leo, the class went great but what made the weekend event better was the superb student production of RENT in which Leo called it "An absolutely top-notch production and in my opinion on par with any professional version of the show I have ever seen." Congratulations to the students for a great performance.


Vari-Lite welcomes a new addition

Meet the newest member of the Vari-Lite family.  He's five weeks old and eagerly awaiting growing into his first piece of swag!  This is young Josh Wiseman, son of Matt and Samantha Wiseman.  Matt runs the Vari-Image department at PRGE and has been in the Vari-Lite family quite awhile, and you might remember Samantha as Samantha Dean, who also worked for Vari-Lite.  Congratulations to both on their new addition, and let's hope they are getting some much needed sleep.

2009 WFX Tradeshow

At the 2009 WFX Tradeshow, Vari-Lite RSM's Leo Miller and Thommy Hall featured the new VLX Wash luminaire along with the upcoming VL1100CD luminaire.  According to Leo, the best part of the show was the clear cover for the VLX Wash which pulled people into the booth.


A visit to Cowboys Stadium with Clearwing

Living in Dallas and watching the gradual resurrection of "Jerry World" in Arlington, I was yet to see the massive stadium in person, but all that changed thanks to Daniel Gourley, Clearwing, who invited myself, Anita Edwards, and Vari-Lite RSM Leo Miller for a little site visit of the Clearwing installation at the Miller Lite Plaza featuring the VL3500 Wash luminaire.  After we checked out the plaza, Daniel then took us on a quick tour of the lighting control room.  And after all was said and done, I just got one thing to say..."That's one big building!"




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