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Backstage with Vari-Lite

Stories and pictures from "Vari-Lite Backstage" feature recent shows/tours that have used VARI*LITE® products. This list will be updated check back to find out where we go backstage next. For information on how you can be included in Backstage, contact Bryan Matthews.

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Something may be fishy, but it isn't the VARI*LITE luminaires

On May 28th, Vari-Lite RSM Leonard Miller joined Julie Mausey, PRG Dallas, and others for a VARI*LITE luminaire demo at Sea World San Antonio, who is wishing to place VARI*LITE luminaires throughout the park.  I bet Shamu and VARI*LITE will go great together.


At the rodeo, VARI*LITE brings the flare of old Mexico

As LD Systems, Houston, TX, prepared for their 20 shows in 20 days at the 2009 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, VARI*LITE was ready to rock so took a little siesta.

It's a wash with Gloria Estefan in Peru

As music icon Gloria Estefan traveled through Latin America, her tour was a complete wash with 20 VL3500 Wash luminaires.


Vari-Lite hangs out with Britney Spears...well, her lighting crew anyway.

When the Britney Spears "Circus" tour rolled through the AAC on April 1, 2009, it was no April Fool's joke that this was a massive VARI*LITE tour.  With 240 VARI*LITE automated luminaires in the rig, we were given the all-access backstage tour by the fantastic lighting crew from Solotech and lighting designer Nick Whitehouse.  A special thanks to Alexandre Lefrancois and Mathieu Lavallee for their warm welcome and the new Solotech SWAG.  Oh, and by the way, props to Nick Whitehouse for a fantastic lighting design. 




Jaime Friedstadt as a Beauty Pageant Jury Member

With a weird sense of irony, Vari-Lite's own Jaime Freidstadt participated as a jury member for the 2008 Miss Venezuala Pageant.  Understanding the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Jaime took a few moments to capture a few backstage photos with Don Joaquin Riviera, Production Director for Miss Venezuela, Luis Duque from Venezuela Lighting Production Services (VLPS), and Marcos Chourio, Director for Photography for Venevision.


Peter Gabriel in Peru

On March 20, 2009, Peter Gabriel loaded into the Explanada del Estadio Monumental in Lima, Peru.  At the load-in, Andres Cuadros, Owner of Red Power Peru, and Lighting Designer Rob Sinclair take a moment to pose for Vari-Lite Backstage.


Glenn Wong of Total Solutions Receives Sales Recognition Plaque

Glenn Wong of Total Solutions recently visited the Vari-Lite factory in Dallas, Texas and was presented with a plaque in recognition of Outstanding Sales Achievement in 2007 by then VP of sales Bob Schacherl.


Venezuela Lighting Production Services holds Vari-Lite Open House

On August 29th, 2007, Venezuela Lighting Production Services (VLPS) held a Vari-Lite open house for their clients and potiential customers. VLPS set up staged areas to show and demo Vari-Lite fixtures for touring, television and special events. The ambiance and demo areas were lit with 24 VL3500 wash, 36 VL3000 Spots, 12 VL2500 Spots and 12 VL2500 wash luminaires. Roberto Bento was the Lighting Designer and Luis Duque was the Production Manager. Jaime Friedstadt, Vari-Lite Regional Sales Manager and George Masek, Vari-Lite Product Manager, attended the open house.


Is that a Freakshow Shirt I See

Brian Riddle, a security guard for Paul McCartney, sports his favorite Tshirt while working at The Liverpool 08' Music Concert. Hannah, Brian's grand daughter, wears her favorite jumper. And, looks like the VLs are lined up for the performance.

You look Marvelous

Roger Waters Lighting Director Mark "Sparky" Risk and Vari-Lite Product Manager George Masek reunited at the Dallas show after touring with each other 17 years ago on Gloria Estefan.

Items 201-210 of 247