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Backstage with Vari-Lite

Stories and pictures from "Vari-Lite Backstage" feature recent shows/tours that have used VARI*LITE® products. This list will be updated check back to find out where we go backstage next. For information on how you can be included in Backstage, contact Bryan Matthews.

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LDI 2013

AT LDI 2013, we enjoyed a very successful trade show complete with "The Passion of Light" showcase, a series of free educational workshops, a lighting designer appreciation dinner, a very well attended evening cocktail reception, plus we took home the LDI Award for "Best Creative Use of Light". Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us and we look forward to another great event in 2014.

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Showline Quick Ship Program

Need a Showline luminaire in a hurry? No problem, John Bilyk will bring it right over, just ask Solotech in their new Vancouver location.

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WFX 2013

At WFX 2013, inside the Dallas Convention Center, Philips Vari-Lite, Showline, Philips Strand Lighting, and Philips Selecon were all on full display while conducting numerous Hands On Training Sessions throughout the three day event.

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Backstage at Kenny Chesney with Morris Light & Sound

For the recent Kenny Chesney "No Shoes Nation" tour, Vari-Lite Dealer and longtime tour supplier Morris Light & Sound provided lighting designer Mike Swinford with 62 VL3500 Wash FX, 54 VL2500 Spot, 80 VL3000 Spot and 44 VL3500 Wash luminaires to create a powerful and versatile lighting rig.

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Pronovias Fashion Show

At the 2013 Pronovias Fashion Show inside the Oval del MNAC as part of Barcelona Bridal Week, lighting designer and programmer David Monguet used 80 VL3500Q Spot and 22 VL3500 Wash luminaires supplied by Moonlight Iluminación though Vari-Lite Distributor EES with artistic direction by Studio Cortés.

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Train "Mermaids of Alcatraz" 2013 Tour

As Train once again hit the road, LD Brock Hogan worked with LMG Touring and filled his lighting rig with the new VL3015LT Spot luminaires along with the new Showline SL BAR 640 LED luminaires, plus VLX3 LED Wash luminaires as well.

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St Vitus Day concert featuring Ceca with Studio Berar Projekt

On the Serbian holiday St Vitus Day, popular Balkan singer Svetlana "Ceca" Raznatovic held a concert in front of an estimated crowd of 150,000 people at Usce. Expectations placed on the organizers of the concert were enormous and they were given the challenge of surpassing everything seen for the celebration thus far so they turned to Authorized Vari-Lite Dealer Studio Berar Projekt who supplied them with a beautiful and powerful lighting rig highlighted by 40 VL3500 Wash FX luminaires.

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Mediatech Africa 2013

At Mediatech 2013 in Johannesburg, Philips Entertainment showcased a complete range of luminaires and lighting controls ideal for theatrical productions, concerts and just about any other entertainment application.

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At the DWR Distribution booth, VL880 Spots, VLX Wash and SL NITRO 510 LED luminaires were on full display.

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Jesse & Joy World Tour

Philips Entertainment Latin America Sales Manager Jaime Friedstadt on the road with his family catching up with Latin Grammy Super Stars Jesse & Joy during their World Tour.

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VARI-LITE Tech Training with DWR Distribution

Philips Entertainment Technical Trainer Todd Kessler recently returned to DWR Distribution in South Africa to present Warranty and Service Training to customers and in-house staff with a course aimed to better equip users to technically support their Philips Vari-Lite and Philips Selecon luminaires. Said Duncan Reilly, DWR Distribution, “Todd gave our technicians all the tools they need and taught them how to think about how the products will most optimally be used. The quality of our VARI-LITE and PL Series luminaires is very important to us and that’s why so many professional lighting designers and technicians rely on them today.”

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