The Most Affordable Financing Options on the Market

Why do so many customers finance their Vari*Lite luminaires? It’s because we spend as much time making our products available as we do reliable. The key to this availability is our partnership with a financing company that has the same goals as we do – excellent products, fanatical service, and long-term reliability.

Through FX Financial™, Vari-Lite offers a full line of financing options designed to meet the needs of our end-users. Whether you represent a production house, theatre, church, studio, casino, hotel, theme park or any permanent installation we have the most affordable, industry specific financing solution available.

For more information about leasing and financing VARI*LITE automated lighting systems, contact FX Financial. You’ll be happy to find out that you don’t have to rob a bank to steal the show℠.

You may apply online using the FX Financial Online Application or download the applications below.

Downloadable Applications