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Series 1000 Luminaires

Note: Series 1000 Luminaires (VL1000 Tungsten, VL1000 Tungsten with Dimmer, and VL1000 Arc) are discontinued and replaced by the Series 1100 Luminaires. Specification sheets for this discontinued product set is found in the Discontinued Products Section of our web site.

Series 1000 Luminaire (Software Updates) Date Document Type
USB Downloading Cable - 64-Bit Application & Driver
For use with 64-bit PCs (Software & Driver together)
01.24.11 Software
Software Update (02/17/04) 02.17.04 Software
Software Update (09/16/03) 09.16.03 Software
Software Update (09/05/03) 09.05.03 Software
Software Update (05/09/03) 05.09.03 Software
Software Update (02/18/03) 02.18.03 Software
Software Update (08/08/02) 08.08.02 Software
Software Update (07/09/02) 07.09.02 Software

Series 1000 Luminaire (Tech Bulletins) Date Document Type
Tech Bulletin LSW-016 (Re: Software Update 02/17/04) 02.17.04 Technical Bulletin
Tech Bulletin LSW-012 (Re: Software Update 09/16/03) 09.16.03 Technical Bulletin
Tech Bulletin LSW-011 (Re: Software Update 09/05/03) 09.05.03 Technical Bulletin
Tech Bulletin LSW-008 (Re: Software Update 05/09/03) 05.09.03 Technical Bulletin
Tech Bulletin LSW-006 (Re: Software Update 02/18/03) 02.18.03 Technical Bulletin
Tech Bulletin LSW-004 (Re: Changes in SW versions prior to 1/13/03) 02.13.03 Technical Bulletin

Series 1000 Luminaire (Manuals/CE Certificates) Date Document Type
VL1000 ERS Luminaires User's Guide
Rev. G (For VL1000 ERS Luminaires Only)
01.28.08 Manual
VL1000 ERS (Tungsten) CE Declaration 06.10.09 CE Declaration
VL1000 ERS (Arc) CE Declaration 08.25.09 CE Declaration

Series 1000 Luminaire (Tech Notices) Date Document Type
TN-248Q (Specified and Approved Lamps for use in VARI*LITE Luminaires)
Rev. Q
11.20.15 Technical Notice
TN-301A (Caution Against Direct Sunlight Through Front Lens Assembly)
Rev. A
07.01.15 Technical Notice
TN-235E (Transportation and Shipping Case Requirements)
Rev. E
04.07.15 Technical Notice
TN-338C (Gobo Sizing Information for Various VARI*LITE Luminaires)
Information and Reference Only Document (Rev. C)
04.06.15 Technical Notice
TN-291A (Luminaire Mounting Brackets)
Revision A
10.17.14 Technical Notice
TN-349 (Discontinuance of VL Downloader Application and Introduction of PEGASUS Upload Software) 04.22.14 Technical Notice
TN-321 (Luminaires Without Power Switches - Using Neutrik Power Connectors) 09.26.12 Technical Notice
TN-232A (Use of Third Party Parts or Accessories)
Rev. A
09.17.12 Technical Notice
TN-277 (All VL1000 Series 230V Luminaires - AC Line Input Connector - Part Number Change) 08.11.08 Technical Notice
TN-229A (Powering Luminaires From Dimmer Circuits) 01.19.07 Technical Notice
TN-246 (Return Material Authorization Returns Notice) 10.07.05 Technical Notice
TN-236 (Gobo and Color Filter Cleaning) 08.23.04 Technical Notice
TN-230 (Dousing Lamps Before Shutting Off Power) 04.08.04 Technical Notice

Series 1000 Luminaire (Miscellaneous) Date Document Type
How We Measure Photometry 08.28.12 Miscellaneous

Series 1000 Luminaire (CAD/Vectorworks Symbols) Date Document Type
Vari-Lite 2D CAD Symbols (All Products - ZIP File)
File Formats: AutoCAD DWG and DXF
04.23.14 CAD Symbols
Vari-Lite Hybrid 2D/3D Vectorworks Symbols (All Products ZIP File)
File Formats: Vectorworks 2014 / 2008 / 12
04.23.14 Vectorworks Symbols
Vari-Lite CAD Symbols Reference Chart (PDF File)
Reference Chart for All CAD & VW Symbols
04.23.14 CAD Symbols
Vari-Lite 3D CAD Symbols (All Products - ZIP File)
File Formats: AutoCAD DWG and DXF
04.23.14 CAD Symbols
VL1000 Series Luminaires (VL1000/VL1100) Dimensional Drawings (ZIP File)
File Formats: AutoCAD DWG
Dimensional Drawings