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Much-anticipated luminaire sets a new standard in LED lighting technology
Published Tuesday, September 8, 2009
by Bryan Matthews

Philips Vari-Lite is proud to announce that the innovative VARI*LITE® VLX™ Wash automated luminaire is now shipping. From the company that helped start the revolution in automated lighting, the VLX Wash luminaire incorporates all the benefits of virtually maintenance-free LED lighting technology with the best visual performance characteristics of a tungsten lamp source.

“We are very excited to commence with deliveries of the VLX Wash,” stated Bob Schacherl, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We have received overwhelming positive responses from our dealers, lighting designers and end users since we previewed prototypes last fall. Customers clearly see how the luminaire has blended LED technology with the power and performance expected from a VARI*LITE automated luminaire. This light will truly revolutionize the use of LED technology in automated lighting and we are extremely proud to share it with the worldwide lighting community.”

Combined with low energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs, the VLX offers stunning colors, intensity and high reliability. The VLX contains seven proprietary 120-watt RGBW LED chipsets which provide output that offers three times the efficacy of comparable tungsten sources.

With patents pending, the internal beam homogenization system creates smooth and natural color-mixing free of the multi-color shadowing effects which may be associated with other LED fixtures. VLX offers dynamic CRI adjustment and provides an adjustable color temperature range between 3000 and 9000 Kelvin enabling the unit to perform as both a tungsten and arc source luminaire. Additionally, all fixtures are calibrated at the factory for spectacular color consistency between all VLX luminaires.

Beam control is achieved by the use of a patented lens array that offers a remote zoom range of 23 - 60 degrees. Should greater intensity and tighter beam be desired, the entire zoom system can easily be removed from the luminaire for a fixed field angle of 22 degrees. VLX produces 12,000 lumens with the zoom array attached and 13,500 lumens with the zoom array removed. Accessory mounting points are also included allowing the attachment of additional aftermarket accesories such as top hats.

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