Published Tuesday, June 10, 2014
by Philips Entertainment

Emmy Award nominee and go-to lighting designer for the music industry, Patrick Dierson, specified new Showline SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires as part of his dramatic concept lighting for Brit rapper Tinie Tempah's UK 'Demonstration' Tour.

Dierson, who worked alongside ARE Productions show producer Antony Randall and creative director Ted Lovett, and designer/programmer Davy Sherwin, created a multi-layered design, which carved up the stage with constantly moving, bold, sweeping looks that swung from the intimate to the epic. To achieve this diverse and exciting concept, the show designers turned to the cutting-edge SL NITRO 510C, which adds RGB & W LED capabilities to the original SL NITRO 510 luminaire, delivering intense bursts of colored and white light and dynamic effects.

Inspired by the artwork of Tempah's latest album 'Demonstration', Dierson says, "Ted Lovett and I worked closely together to bring his initial vision to life. The conceptual direction of the design was meant to convey the positive aspects of demonstration and protest. Through this, we tasked ourselves with creating a performance venue for that type of display. We wanted something somewhat oppressive looking or monolithic; the starkness of a car park with its cement enclosures and fluorescent lamps. We also knew that we needed stark impact and versatility and that's where the SL NITRO 510C came in. The SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires were able to give us crowd-blinder effects and general eye candy that could help to augment subtle nuances in the tracks, as well as be blasting strobe lights that would serve to provide a 'visual violence' for the audience. In the end, I was extremely pleased with Davy Sherwin's choices in cueing the SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires into each of the songs. They've proven to be a fantastic unit."

Lighting director Sherwin continues, "Tinie's artwork and branding relies heavily on straight lines. The 'Demonstration' album features a red line over his eyes that has become synonymous with the artist himself. We took inspiration from that in the lighting design, choosing the SL NITRO 510C to emulate the same look, with its versatility allowing it to pull off other colourful effects throughout the show."

The SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaire's tightly packed array of 264 high power fixed white LEDs and 264 RGB LEDs ensures maximum output for both traditional white effects and an almost infinite choice of colour with full field and even distribution across 120°.

Tempah's second album retains the star's clean-cut quality, whilst taking a more diverse approach to musical style ranging from heartfelt guitar ballads to full-scale stadium rock anthems. Reflecting this clean-cut feel, Dierson's design is sharp, colorful and dynamic, cleverly deploying the SL NITRO 510C to punctuate many of the show's most lively songs.

"The show itself relies heavily on musical dynamics," explains Sherwin. "It goes from small and intimate to full of arena rock. We needed a fixture that was capable of being sensitive to both extremes. That is why the SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaires are so appropriate. They're very controllable; you can divide them into six sections, almost like a video tile. Then as an addition you can even run effects on top of that or separately. So, for example, you can run a red background and then run a white layer on top of that - a very unusual effect for a strobe."

The SL NITRO 510C strobe luminaire's six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility, while unique built in chases aid in creativity and simplicity. With incredibly bright output, the SL NITRO 510C rivals conventional fixed white strobes and provides designers with an exciting new dimension to dynamic looks whether washing a stage or pointing directly at an audience.

Mike Oates, Director of the tour lighting supplier, HSL, agrees, "The colors of the SL NITRO 510C are super bright and extremely flexible as an effects light and extremely punchy as a strobe or wash effect. These color versions are just as bright as the white ones, which HSL also stocks, and I have been hugely impressed to see how Davy has applied them in this show."

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