"Q" Debuts with Bombay Dreams
Published Tuesday, May 4, 2004

When Bombay Dreams made its much-anticipated debut April 29 at the Broadway Theatre, it marked more than just the Broadway opening of the highly acclaimed West End production. It also marked the arrival of the VARI*LITE® Series 3000™ "Q" product line on Broadway.

Lighting designer Hugh VanStone specified 16 VL3000™Q Spot luminaires as part of the automated lighting rig, which includes well over 100 VARI*LITE automated fixtures. With a few modifications to the original the 1200W Series 3000 fixtures, Vari-Lite engineers were able to achieve a 50-percent reduction in audible noise output in the "Q" fixtures.

"All of the VL3000Q Spots are hung over the stage," said associate LD Philip Rosenberg, "and the rig is virtually silent, which is great. It is a very, very quiet light."

The "Q" product line was specifically designed for noise-critical applications such as theatre, television, houses of worship, corporate events or any setting where quiet fixtures are crucial for a successful performance and audience experience. The Series 3000 "Q" fixtures are engineered for specific applications where the ambient temperature is not a factor, but silence is.

Bombay Dreams has been previewing since March 28. On its Broadway debut, the "Q" fixtures have met all expectations.

"We knew exactly what they were going to do, and they've done everything they are supposed to do," Rosenberg said. "We've really worked the lights out. They've been on every day for a minimum of 12 hours a day, so they've been worked hard. They are extremely reliable. They're in great shape. I have no complaints at all about the VARI*LITE fixtures."

In addition to the 16 VL3000Q Spot units, the rig consists of 24 VL1000™TS fixtures, 10 VL1000™AS units (which are used as rail framers), 18 VL2000™ Wash luminaires, 23 VL5™ fixtures and 21 VL5B™ units. The automated lighting package was supplied by PRG.

Like their 1200W counterparts, the convection-cooled 575W Series 1000™ ellipsoidal reflector spotlights have also operated in silence.

"We have a ton of VL1000 fixtures in the rig," Rosenberg added. "Again, they've been completely reliable and we've never heard the fans come on."

Not only do the new silent fixtures have Rosenberg looking forward to upcoming productions on which he can use the luminaires, it has him looking back in retrospect at past shows.

"I did Never Gonna Dance at the Broadhurst, which is such a tiny theater," he commented. "We had about 40 of the original Series 3000 fixtures. I would be curious to put the same rig in with the Series 3000Q versions. These have given us everything we've expected."

You could say that the VARI*LITE luminaires are making "Dreams" come true.

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