Published Wednesday, September 24, 2014
by Philips Entertainment

Lighting designer Jon Clark has specified Showline's SL BAR 640 luminaires on account of their 'impressive' range of colors and clean aesthetic for Benedict Andrew's production of A Streetcar Named Desire at The Young Vic, starring Gillian Anderson.

The 1947 Tennessee Williams classic is currently being staged in the round. Clark's lighting design consists of deliberate, uniform systems, which are used to continually re-inform the performance space and the entire room.

"The SL BAR 640 luminaires are rigged in two parallel lines on an exposed grid above the main playing space, embedded in a uniformly hung, 88 Par Can top light," says Clark. "Often the aesthetic attributes of a unit are almost as significant in an exposed rig as the light it throws, and that was the case with the design of the SL BAR 640 luminaires. Their clean, ordered round lenses sit dynamically within the Par Cans."

The action takes place on a continually revolving open-plan apartment room, designed by Magda Willi. The set is always in motion, and as such the entire stage area is treated as one environment, which the revolving set inhabits. The challenge was to explore this large voluminous space with light, whilst still giving focus to the revolving object traveling through it. This is where the power and intensity of the SL BAR 640 luminaires came in, with Clark choosing them to colorize not only the stage area but the entire auditorium.

"The SL BAR 640 luminaires allow us to achieve a deep and intense color saturation of the space," continues Clark. "The range of colors the units can accurately reproduce is impressive; from dirty, sickly yellows and greens to deeply saturated reds and low frequency blues."

The SL BAR 640 is a powerful LED linear luminaire offering unprecedented output and exceptional color clarity. Ideal for any entertainment application, the 4ft luminaire provides stunning output whether used for illumination or direct view purposes. Whether used in place of R40 strips, border-lights, foot-lights, cyc-lights or for exciting animations, the luminaires provide incredible coverage and color washing abilities.

"It's fair to say that a large part of the visual aesthetic of the lighting design is defined by the intensity and colorization that the Showline units deliver," says Clark. "I'm a big fan of the SL BAR 640, alongside the SL STRIP 400, so much so I've specified both luminaires on the upcoming West End production of 'Made in Dagenham The Musical'."

A Streetcar Named Desire was broadcast live to over 550 UK cinemas and many more worldwide on 16 September as part of National Theatre Live.

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Photo Credit: Johan Persson