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Vari-Lite Introduces the VL500™ Wash Luminaire
New automated luminaire based upon Emmy® Award-winning design
Published Monday, September 12, 2005
by Bryan Matthews

Dallas, TX - September 11, 2005 – Vari-Lite, a Genlyte Company, is proud to announce the VL500™ Wash luminaire. Based upon the 1994 Emmy® Award-winning design of the VL5™ Wash luminaire, the VL500 is designed with significant performance enhancements. Orders for the VL500 may be submitted beginning September 12, 2005, and shipping will commence in December 2005.

"In speaking with lighting professionals around the world, we have always been approached about bringing back the VL5 wash luminiare," said George Masek, Vari-Lite Product Marketing Manager. "So we listened to what was asked for, but we didn’t want to simply repeat the same light. We wanted to make it better, and therefore developed the VL500."

In the VL500 Wash luminaire, the innovative DICHRO*TUNE™ radial color mixing system employs three sets of 16 radially mounted dichroic blades (blue, amber, and magenta) designed to produce smooth, full spectrum color cross-fades.

"We are extremely excited to be bringing the VL500 to market," stated Bob Schacherl, Vari-Lite Vice President of Sales. "The design innovations and improvements in this new fixture will offer clients a great combination of performance and value. It will also be the most affordable VARI*LITE luminaire and make a fantastic addition to our ever growing product line."

All models of the VL500 (excluding the VL500A) employ 16 radially mounted diffuser planes to control beam spread. The VL500A uses internally mounted metal blackout panels to control intensity. For additional beam control, all models may be purchased with six interchangeable lens options, including clear, stipple (included in stock fixture), 8-row, 10-row, 12-row, and Buxom.

All models are designed with natural convection cooling supported by on-demand micro-fans for high temperature applications. With the on-demand fan mounted internally in the yoke of each mechanism, the luminaire remains ideal for television and theatrical productions or any application where instrument noise would be unacceptable.

"Our goal in reinventing the VL5 was to make improvements in all areas. And as a result the VL500 is now self-contained with onboard DMX512 control, onboard dimming, (optional) all power supplies, and strides in performance of the color, systems, and yoke movement," commented John Adams, Vari-Lite Director of Product Development. "We also incorporated service yoke locks and a higher reflector efficiency."

This multi-faceted luminaire is available in 4 base models: VL500, VL500D, VL500 80V, and VL500A.

The VL500 is available with either a 120V/1200W lamp or a 230V/1000W lamp. The most economical and lightest version of the luminaire, the VL500 is designed for those who require the 3200-degree color temperature along with the most space-efficient unit.

The VL500D is also available with a 120V/1200W lamp or a 230V/1000W lamp, plus an internal yoke-mounted IGBT dimmer. While retaining the 3200-degree color temperature, with a slight increase in weight, the VL500D offers built-in, onboard dimming without requiring any additional cabling. This luminaire is most advantageous for those whose spaces are short dimmers or dimmer circuits.

Capable of universal operation, (90-260V) the VL500 80V utilizes an 80V/1200W lamp and an external dimming device. When intensity is the key, and the slight additional space required by the external dimmer is not a factor, this model offers more intensity while retaining the 3200-degree color temperature tungsten source.

Utilizing an optional 575W (6000-degree color temperature) or 700W (7200-degree color temperature) arc lamp and external ballast, the VL500A provides metal blackout panels for dimming to replace the radially mounted diffuser panes of the other models. This luminaire is ideal when intensity and punch are important, or when the higher color temperatures of an arc source are desired.

Also as an option, a pastel feature is available for all models of the VL500 Wash luminaire. With the pastel feature, the standard blue and magenta filters are replaced with lighter versions that enable the luminaire to obtain more subtle and lighter shades of the color spectrum.

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