PHOTO CREDITS: © Saatchi Gallery
    LIGHTING DESIGNER: Woodruffe Bassett
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Retail & Leisure

    Spread over two floors of the Saatchi Gallery, EXHIBITIONISM charts the Rolling Stones’ 50-year music career. Selecon luminaires helped showcase original Stones’ artefacts in all their glory.


    White Light oversaw the entire lighting installation for the ground-breaking exhibition, collaborating with lighting designers, Woodruffe Bassett, and the exhibition’s producers, IEC, to create something visually stunning yet practical. The design included 65 ACCENT LED BEAMSPOTs and 122 ACCENT LED BEAMSHAPERS.


    “The lighting for the exhibition had to be very specific,” explains Simon Needle, White Light’s Special Projects Director. “Firstly, it had to be track mountable. Secondly, it was important that we used as much LED as possible. The exhibition is open every day and there is limited power within the gallery, therefore LED was the most energy efficient.”


    The challenge was complicated by having to create a lighting set-up that could also be taken on a four-year tour across 11 cities after the exhibition: “The brief was to not only create something that could get the most out of the unique displays, but would also be tourable, ensuring every single city gets the best experience possible,” adds Needle.


    White Light spent two weeks pre-rigging at its Wimbledon base before spending three weeks on site at the Saatchi Gallery, west London. For Simon Needle, preparation was crucial given the huge amount of work involved for such a large-scale, high-profile installation: “One of our many tasks was to devise an intricate series of rigging plots, diagrams, schedules and time-sheets to ensure that we were always on schedule.”

    Rolling stones_Image 1 – Photo credits: Woodruffe Bassett
    Rolling stones_Image 2 – Photo credits: Woodruffe Bassett
    Rolling stones_Image 3 – Photo credits: Woodruffe Bassett