AT LDI 2019



    November 21-22, 2019

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – Vari-Lite made a big impression at LDI 2019 in Las Vegas. With a large booth front-and-center at the convention hall, it was difficult to miss the two brands as they presented their latest entertainment lighting products.


    To make it easier for customers to find the products most relevant to them, the booth was split into two sections: one for the production rental market and one for the installation market. The rental section of the booth featured a full lighting rig running a music light show as well as demonstrations highlighting the VL6000 Series, VL2600 Series, VL800 Series, VL10 Beamwash, and VL5LED Wash (more on that below). The light show was programmed and run using a NEO Console.

    Vari-Lite and Strand at LDI 2019

    One of the fixtures that drew a lot of attention in the rental area of the booth was the Vari-Lite VL6500 WASH, the recently released wash companion to the iconic VL6000 BEAM. During the show, the VL6500 was awarded a PLSN Gold Star award for Best Large Format Wash Light, adding yet another way that it compliments the VL6000 BEAM, which also recieved a PLSN Gold Star Award.


    In the installation area, visitors received hands on experience with Vari-Lite's most popular installation products. A dedicated console area was included, showing off the new NEO Compact 10 Console along with the recently released NEO v3.10 software update that provides a number of requested feature updates and bug fixes. The installation area also included an interactive systems wall with a complete, integrated solution featuring control, power distribution, data distribution, and luminaires. Vari-Lite VL800 Series event fixtures had a dedicated section of the installation area as well, where they were joined by the upcoming Vari-Lite VL800 Eventprofile.


    The VL800 Eventprofile is one of a number of new products previewed at the show, giving visitors a glimpse at the products being announced in early 2020. New products previewed at the show include:

    • VL5LED Wash – This compact, high output LED wash fixture is a true modern update to the legendary VL5. The Dichro*fusion blades, first seen in the VL6500 WASH, supply smooth, variable diffusion while the RGBALC color system provides a wide range of rich color options. For further visual options, a separate ring of LEDs light up the Dichro*fusion blades a different color than the light coming from source engine.
    • VL800 Eventprofile – this is a compact LED event profile offers full CYM+CTO color mixing and the signature “Vari-Lite smooth” movement that designers expect. The VL800 Eventprofile includes professional-grade features in a small, tour-ready form factor, supplying a fixed color wheel; static and rotating gobo wheels; and prism, frost, and iris.
    • NEO Compact 10 Series – this family of powerful 10 fader lighting control surfaces run the sophisticated NEO software optimized for a smaller console. Upgradable to 10 DMX universes, the NEO Compact is vailable as both a standalone console and as a USB wing for NEO PC or NEO RACK.
    • Vision.Net Gateway On-The-Go Interface – For simple control of the lighting system from a PC, tablet, or phone, the Vision.Net Gateway now offers the Gateway On-the-Go Interface for mobile-friendly web control. Users can connect to the Vision.Net Gateway from a web browser and access an HTML-based interface that can be easily designed using Designer for Vision.Net software. To streamline network commissioning of Vision.Net devices, the Gateway includes an onboard DHCP server that automates IP addressing.
    • Vision.Net Interface Gateway Module – To simplify commissioning of Vision.Net Control Stations and other hardwired Vision.Net devices, the Vision.Net Gateway can be expanded with an optional Vision.Net Interface Module that connects hardwired Vision.Net devices to the network without needing to connect through a touch panel.


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