PHOTO CREDITS: Chrissy, The Gate Theatre
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Chrissy, General Manager, The Gate Theatre, Keith Storey, Sam House, and The Gate Theatre

    The Gate Theatre, home for progressive and anti-establishment international theatre for decades - has inspired audiences and artists alike for over 40 years.


    In 2017, The Gate Theatre sucessfully upgraded it's old dimmer racks with 3 x 24 channel Chilli Bypass + RCD racks.


    General Manager Chrissy said replacing the old racks with the Chilli Pro Bypass racks was a straight-forward and hassle-free process. "We had a very specific timeline to replace our dimmer racks between productions and three days after starting the installation, the new racks were up and running. This upgrade allowed us to install RCD protection as an increased safety protocol and let us plug devices that need constant hot power to be supplied anywhere at the push of a button. It is now so much easier for us to mix and match what and where we rig our lighting and effects units, giving us more flexibility."


    "In replacing our dimmer racks, we have been able to streamline our technical set up, which has allowed our technical and creative teams to work more efficiently and, ultimately, more creatively." - Chrissy, General Manager, The Gate Theatre


    "Replacing the LD 90 racks was straight forward with the Chilli Pro Bypass racks as the Zero 88 racks are slightly smaller than the LD90s and all the existing wires easily reached the Chilli terminations.


    The job was easy to wire, the dimmers were lighter to handle and the company was easy to get hold of. The tech support from Keith Rogers is also superb, he knows his stuff inside out and is happy to give advice over the phone at any time of day or night.


    "I prefer working with Zero 88 kit - it makes a big difference." - Keith Storey Lighting, The Gate Theatre


    Sam House is the Prod LX for "Assata Taught Me" at the Gate and this performance was the first use of the new Chilli Pro Bypass dimmers.

    Replacing the LD 90 racks with the Chilli Pro Bypass racks has made the load-in of a 'mixed' rig straight forward. Press the button to test the circuit without needing a console online. Also the ability to just plug devices that don't like dimmed power, such as LED Power supplies and DMX Switch Relays, into the nearest socket reduced the amount of hot power cabling normally needed and further made additions and alterations to the design appear effortless.


    "Once set, the bypass buttons are visible through the window of the rack door for quick confirmation of which circuits are dimmed and which ones 'hot,' which makes the racks very user friendly." - Sam House, Prod LX for 'Assata Taught Me'

    The Gate Theatre - (C) Chrissy, Gate Theatre
    The Gate Theatre - (C) Chrissy, Gate Theatre