PHOTO CREDITS: © Nebojsa Milojevic
    LIGHTING DESIGNER: Nebojsa Milojevic
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Touring and Events

    Vari-Lite and Showline's newest stage lighting fixtures have helped to deliver a magical environment for the recent concert at Belgrade’s Sava Center by leading Bosnian folk music artist, Božo Vrećo.


    To create this enchanted environment in the 4,000-seat Sava Center, Serbia’s largest concert venue, lighting designer Nebojsa Milojevic required powerful lighting fixtures. They needed to be capable of delivering bright, crisp projections and striking beams and effects, and with enough presence to register even against the background LED screen. He settled on 60 lighting fixtures across the Vari-Lite and Showline ranges, including VL6000 BEAMs, VLZ SPOTs and SL HYDRUS 350 luminaires.


    In bringing his critically-acclaimed show to Belgrade, the artist asked Milojevic to “paint with the lights and connect the eyes of the audience with the songs.” With this brief to guide him, Milojevic was given full creative control over the stage lighting. He says, “My design inspirations I find in nature. The goal for my design was to bring the audience on a magical journey through music, with the use of light and video.”


    He says, “Using the beautiful gobos and intensive colors of the VLZ SPOTs and the SL HYDRUS, I was able to create illusions of the forest and leaves against a background of dark, cloudy sky. And with the enormous power of the VL6000 BEAMs, I created lightning. Together, these fixtures successfully covered the 200 square meters of the stage and huge, black backdrop.”


    He adds, “I am really happy with the performance of all of these lights: the colors are very intense, but warm and pleasant for the eyes. The optics and lenses are phenomenal, and the power - well, I cannot find the words. At last, I can see my lights even with the large amount of LED screens upstage.”


    Grant Bales-Smith, General Manager EMEA, Signify said, “Our latest generation of show lighting tools, including the VL6000 BEAM, the LED-based SL HYDRUS 350 and the new VLZ range, succeed in bringing stand-out benefits to today’s show lighting designers. By understanding their specific needs, we are able to deliver innovation with purpose.”

    Bozo Vreco 1 – Photo credits: © Nebojsa Milojevic
    Bozo Vreco 2 – Photo credits: © Nebojsa Milojevic
    Bozo Vreco 3 – Photo credits: © Nebojsa Milojevic