PHOTO CREDITS: © HTFmediserv
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Touring & Events
    German digital solutions company HTFmediserv GmbH & Co. KG augmented their business direction after the COVID pandemic, opting to focus on high-quality lighting and AV solutions for clients, in addition to digitization processes implementation. HTF’s Managing Director, Thomas Füllengraben, had experience of the Vari-Lite brand, stocking a series of Vari-Lite VL3500 luminaires.

    Looking for a solution to provide high intensity lighting capabilities and eye-candy effects for its tradeshow and events customers, HTF invested in Vari-Lite VL5LED WASH luminaires. “The VL5LED WASH attracted me with its proven design, its high intensity, and new additional functions,” says Füllengraben. “On the one hand, we can use it specifically to illuminate exhibits on-stand and play with great color mixing, zoom, and frost. On the other hand, the moving light offers an additional level of design with its new LED ring. The VL5LED is not just a lamp, but a design element, and this combination knows how to convince in the trade fair business.”

    The fixtures were first implemented by HTF at HAMA’s IFA trade fair stand, and in a pop-up store in Hamburg for luxury German fashion brand JOOP!. A key factor in HTF’s investment was the energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness provided by the VL5LED WASH, which offers more than two times the efficiency of lumens per watt of output when compared to the original VL5.

    “The VL5 is a design icon,” adds Füllengraben. “With the VL5LED WASH, we have succeeded in marrying this piece of history with the advantages of modern LED technology. The latter, in turn, plays a major role in the trade fair sector in particular as there is a general increase in demand for energy- and cost-efficient lighting solutions, fueled in particular by rising energy costs.”
    Måneskin - Photo credits © Blearred