PHOTO CREDITS: © The Fifth Estate
    LIGHTING DESIGNER: Mark Wynn Edwards
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Touring & Events

    The electronic two-piece’s sell-out show featured a mesmerizing lighting design from Mark Wynn-Edwards, which showcased the stunning visual effects of the Showline SL HYDRUS 350


    The SL HYDRUS 350 made a stunning pre-launch debut during Lamb's performance at The Troxy, London. The show was part of the Convergence Sessions festival, which spans music genres and celebrates visual artists and pioneering technology.


    “Lighting designer Mark Wynn-Edwards specified 11 of the moving luminaires to add super-bright beam effects to his stripped back design: "My concept for Lamb is always ‘less is more’, playing with black-and-white and minimalist looks.”


    The SL HYDRUS 350 is a multi-featured LED luminaire that’s ideal for the live event and TV market because of its small size and speed. "The SL HYDRUS 350's beam and output is awesome," continues Wynn-Edwards. "I also like that you can go from a tight gobo look, to a wide saturated wash and back to the tight beam in an instant. A whole rig doing that simultaneously would make for a really amazing effect. It's like three lights in one, which is very clever."


    The SL HYDRUS 350 offers a vibrant color pallet and features all the tools a designer needs to create mid-air effects, clear and precise projection, and seamless blended animated washes.

    SL HYDRUS 350 Image 1 – Photo credits: © THE FIFTH ESTATE
    SL HYDRUS 350 Image 2 – Photo credits: © THE FIFTH ESTATE
    SL HYDRUS 350 Image 3 – Photo credits: © THE FIFTH ESTATE