PHOTO CREDITS: © The Fifth Estate Ltd
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Touring & Events

    Brit rockers You Me At Six played to packed arenas on their UK tour. Showline SL NITRO 510C strobes helped whip fans into a rock frenzy.


    Lighting designer Louis Oliver wanted an atmospheric, moody and understated design. He based it on the band’s previous tour for the Cavalier Youth album, but magnified it for the arena run, commissioning slick video content and using strobes for extra punch.


    Oliver used 29 SL NITRO 510C LED strobes in total, rigging 18 on spines of truss in the air. The remaining 11 made up his floor package upstage, where they lined the bottom of a vast video wall. “I really like the SL NITRO 510C, it’s my LED strobe of choice,” says Oliver. “My design for this show was very video-heavy, however the units held their own against the 58’-wide, 20’-deep video wall.”


    For many of the songs, Oliver chose a relatively low trim, countering it occasionally with angular truss movements, which in an instant changed the look from theater-intimate to arena-epic.


    The lighting design featured lots of low, heavy back and cross light, precision cuing and constantly moving lighting angles to maintain the show’s momentum. A mix of strong beams and sharply focused gobos blasted into the haze-filled space, complemented by some remarkably acid colors from the SL NITRO 510C LED strobes.

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