PHOTO CREDITS: © Miro Majcen
    LIGHTING DESIGNER: Nobosja Gazdic

    LED studio lighting fixtures have been chosen to provide professional quality, low-energy lighting solutions for Slovenia’s leading commercial television studio, POP TV. 200F LED TV FRESNELS were selected over competing brands for the all-round benefits offered by their technology and performance.


    Lighting Director Nebojsa Gazdic specified the versatile fixture for its broadcast-grade light quality as well as for its low energy consumption, compact size and silent operation. “We were looking for reliable fixtures, with high-quality light output and consistency of color temperature,” he says. “We also had to consider the economic factors - the running costs - and the units’ size, because of the low ceiling height in the studio.” 


    Hosting some of Slovenia’s most popular TV channels, POP TV’s studio complex consists of three large studios used primarily for entertainment programs and two studios used for news and information programs. Gazdic says, “In the larger news studio we wanted to move from tungsten lamps to daylight sources, increasing the color temperature to 5600K, and the LED fresnels have enabled us to do that.”


    In addition, with running costs a crucial consideration, the LED fixtures bring considerable savings in power, maintenance, lamp replacements and ventilation. Gazdic says, “LED means less power use, no lamp exchanges and very little color temperature deflection over time. It also means a smaller heat footprint, saving on air-conditioning costs. The benefits are clear.” 


    There are also other advantages in day-to-day use. Gazdic says, “The 200F LED Fresnels are primarily used for front-light on numerous presenter positions, but their versatility means that they can also be used for general set lighting.”


    He adds, “During our test period, we compared several brands and found that Vari-Lite fixtures offered a better solution. Their light output is considerably higher and they produce color more accurately. We were especially impressed by the passive convection cooling, which makes them near silent. We have just finished with the installation and have been very happy so far.”

    POP TV Image 1 – Photo credits: © Miro Majcen
    POP TV Image 2 – Photo credits: © Miro Majcen
    POP TV Image 3 – Photo credits: © Miro Majcen