Zero 88


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    The Diablo can control up to 18 intelligent fixtures using a maximum of 18 HTP and 99 LTP channels. It can also control an additional 18 HTP generic channels. There are 4 auxiliary buttons which can be used to trigger DMX devices like smoke machines, strobes, etc.


    Up to 108 memories can be programmed and saved. The memories are accessed via 9 submaster faders on 12 pages. The programmed memories can also be used to program 12 separate sequences each of which can contain a maximum of 250 steps. The sequences can be played back either manually as a playback stack, or automatically as a chase.


    Crossfade times, sequence drive, sequence speed, and sequence direction are not recorded, but are adjusted live by the user in Run Mode. Sequence direction can be forwards, backwards, bounce or random.


    1722-000006-00    60 mm Fader - short tang (MFFs)

    0010211                    4 pin DIN 12v PSU (UK)