The Vari-Lite IP Image Projecting Profile, Full Color (FC) is a waterproof projector perfect for image projection (gobo) and creative light framing (shutters) in architectural lighting applications. The fixture’s adjustable beam allows designers to fine-tune the projector's output to precisely match the surroundings, with a sturdy IP65 housing built to withstand the elements. The onboard zoom and focus can be adjusted manually or via DMX over a range of 18° to 30°, while the four-shutter framing system 'sculpts' the light to support architectural light concepts in every context. With superior optics and an optional gobo rotating / indexable gobo rotator, the IP Image Projecting Profile provides motorized rotation of gobos, giving display lighting designers superb creative freedom to project everything from images to logos and more.


    The Full Color version of the Vari-Lite IP Image Projecting Profile has an RGBALC (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime & Cyan) color mixing system for a wide mixable color spectrum. However, thanks to Vari-Lite’s exclusive SmartColor Control system, the fixture can be easily controlled with simple 3-channel CYM (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) controls. A high output cold white (5600K) version is also available, optimized to give even greater power for long-distance projection applications.


    • High output IP65 rated LED Profile - modern theatrical profile built for the outdoors
    • High CRI RGBALC Color System with SmartColor Control - wide range of vivid color options that can be programmed using CYM
    • Independent color mixing and temperature controls - match color pallet to color temperature without manual adjustment for simpler programming
    • Wide range zoom (18° to 30°) and adjustable focus can be controlled manually and/or by DMX - adjust the fixture where and how you need
    • Wire free DMX - integrated Wireless Solution WDMX receiver.
    • Built in short yoke adjustment - adapt to your physical space.

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