R21 RACEWAY (120V)


    The R21 Powered Raceway is a perfect extension of our C21 and A21 range of installed dimmer cabinets. Systems can be mixed and matched as needed to create a completely flexible lighting system to meet the needs of any installation. Our powered raceway features quiet convection cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable operation.


    Easily integrate of your entire lighting system over Ethernet with consoles, houselight systems and fixed dimming racks all connecting seamlessly over a network. The heart of the system is our powerful Raceway processor which mounts remotely in an easy to access auxiliary rack (auxiliary rack sold separately). One processor can control up to 96 dimmers over multiple raceways simplifying set up and operation. Each raceway can have a mixture of dimmed circuits and relay modules for a wide variety of applications. Several hanger options are available for pipe mount and wall mount applications to meet the needs of any installation.