The Vari-Lite RigSwitch+ Architectural Power Platform, 4 & 8 Channel Branch-Fed, is a customizable all-in-one power control solution for small entertainment lighting installations. A single global power platform with 120V/277V and 230V power options, the RigSwitch+ Series offers affordable rig and architectural power, providing relay switching with configurable propagation delay and onboard current monitoring as well as built-in 0/1V-10V and DALI dimming included as standard. This makes it easy to control rig, house, and work light power from the same device.


    RigSwitch+ also offers support for daylight and occupancy sensors, DMX/RDM signal detection, and emergency alert response, ensuring the system can automatically adjust to environmental changes without user interaction. And with space in the 4-channel variant to add two optional control interface modules, integrators can customize the cabinet to connect to a variety of Vari-Lite and third-party devices and systems, including DMX, RS232, digital I/O, and more.


    To make RigSwitch+ easy to order, commission, and manage, cabinets can be ordered prewired from a single product code. Cabinets can easily be installed by electrical contractors, and integrators can configure RigSwitch+ via common RDM tools. The cabinets can also be monitored via RDM, with dedicated user interfaces available on Vari-Lite Neo X Series and FLX S Series consoles.


    • Intelligent relay-based power control – Latching relays designed for lighting loads, with inrush resistance, configurable propagation delay ("sequencing"), and manual override switches. Individually addressable for control, or automatically switch on/off when a DMX/RDM signal is detected.
    • 0/1-10V or DALI Dimming Control Included as Standard – dimming control of house and work lights.
    • Multiple control inputs available – control your lighting power how and where you need using DMX/RDM, RS485 Vision.Net, and Contact Closure.
    • Optional expansion with prewired Vision.Net modules [4 channel only] – optional prewired expansion modules to connect to your wider system using DMX/RDM, RS232, or digital I/O.
    • Dedicated control interfaces available in Vari-Lite FLX S Series and Neo X Series consoles – control and monitor fixture power directly from the console.
    • Easy to commission and manage, with current monitoring per-relay – Self-commissionable via RDM.
    • RigSync Support in Vari-Lite FLX S Series consoles – use RigSync 2.0 to automatically commission RigSwitch+ along with any connected RDM luminaires, automatically addressing and patching the whole system, and pairing each relay circuit with the associated luminaires.
    • Convection cooled, wall-mounted, steel enclosure – easy-to-mount cabinet with standard wiring. Locking door, removable cable knockout plate, removable front-plate and 6x universal D- Series knockouts.

    Product Summary, Documentation and Downloads