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    The Sirius 24 and Sirius 48 lighting desks combine the familiar two preset desk with the best of computer based desk technology, to produce a very powerful but simple lighting control desk. This make Sirius suitable for a wide range of applications such as schools, colleges, theatre, hire, conferences, and rock and roll. Sirius 24 and Sirius 48 consoles were manufactured from 1989 to 2000.


    The Sirius 500 is a 512-channel and the Sirius 250 is a 256-channel lighting desk, incorporating many of the flexible, friendly, and robust features of the original Sirius 24 and 48 models, but also introducing new techniques and the latest technology. The traditional Sirius hallmarks are all there: Key Switch for changing between operating modes, two Presets, Submasters, GO button, Memory Effects, etc., together with new features, such as two built-in liquid crystal displays for operator feedback, an optional external monitor, external keyboard and mouse, 4 Wheel Drive® for easy control of fixture parameters, floppy disk backup, and much more. Sirius 250 and Sirius 500 consoles were manufactured from 1997 to 2000.

    Sirus 24

    Sirius 48

    Sirius 250

    Sirius 500


                              Varta Mempac 3.6v 150mAh Battery

    1722-00019-00 Sirius 24 and 48 Fader

    4417000            Sirius 250 and 500 Fader