VL6500 WASH


    The VL6500 WASH takes the big picture appeal and stand-out power of the VL6000 Beam and adds full color mixing and a versatile 6-16˚ beam diffusion. The most distinctive aspect of this fixture is Vari-Lite’s iconic Dichro*fusion® radial diffusion system. The distinctive blades bring back a classic look that has been beloved lighting professionals since the days of the legendary VL5 and Series 500 luminaires.

    With its CYM+CTO system and fixed color wheels, the VL6500 WASH combines dynamic color effects and crossfades with a broad beam spread, high output and head-turning heritage. From narrow shafts to wide area washes, the VL6500 WASH delivers powerful visual impact—all in glorious Vari-Lite color.



    • 50,000+ lumen output wash fixture – high-output wash of a large area with a single fixture from further away
    • Matching large aperture and color control presets as the VL6000 BEAM – get a consistent visual experience when both fixtures are used together
    • Dichro*fusion® blades with variable beam width – vintage styling reminiscent of the legendary VL5. Strong visual element on stage that radiates the beautiful colors created by the VL6500’s innovative color system
    • Color control system with 2 static color wheels and full CYM+CTO color mixing – variable color mixing with saturation control, offering numerous vivid and creative color options.
    • Extended color range mode – optional color range mode with 0% – 100% – 0% saturation range that moves beyond full saturation back to open. Offers ability to easily create split colors in the beam for creative color effects, both in air and on the Dichro*fusion blades.

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