PHOTO CREDITS: © Signify
    LIGHTING APPLICATION: Retail & Leisure

    Signify’s advanced entertainment lighting fixtures played a spectacular central role in this year’s GLOW Eindhoven light festival.


    Lighting designer Michel Suk, one of 30 renowned light artists contributing to GLOW, used the powerful beams of the VL6000 Beam and the LED-based SL Hydrus 350 moving head luminaires for his ‘Step into the light 2.0’ installation.


    Suk strategically placed Signify’s fixtures, 74 in total, on five buildings surrounding Eindhoven’s Stadhuisplein (town hall square) to create a towering, immersive spectacle. “This cathedral of light forms the canvas for a ballet of light beams,” he says.


    This year’s design was a significant upscaling of Suk’s original ‘Step into the light’ installation which he completed in 2016. He says, “I was keen to explore the possibilities of creating the installation on a much larger scale. Leaving behind the idea of lights positioned in a perfect circle, this design uses the physical location of the buildings to create a more natural, asymmetric feel.”


    Suk says, “I used the SL Hydrus 350 last year for its elegant, narrow, high output beam. This year, the sheer size of the installation demanded the addition of the strong light of the VL6000 Beam. I was looking for a light that gives a tight beam and that is ‘present’ at night without using atmospheric effects such as smoke. The light is really powerful - it even shows its presence during daylight. And the SL Hydrus did not disappoint - a reliable light that delivers the optical performance it promises. With the art installations I design, a light fixture that offers this level of quality always catches my attention.” 


    Standing at the center of this cityscape of dynamic light, viewers experienced a dramatic visual display. This eye-catching drama was made possible by the powerful output, precise optics and choreographed movement of the Signify fixtures. The accompanying sound composition connected rhythm, speed and meter to the movement of light to complete this striking installation. 


    Grant Bales-Smith, General Manager EMEA, Signify said, “The fixtures chosen for this project are a result of our commitment to providing lighting tools which meet the demands of lighting designers in a broad range of entertainment applications. We are delighted to be fulfilling those needs.”


    VLS GLOW 17 Image 1 – Photo credits: © Philips Lighting
    VLS GLOW 17 Image 2 – Photo credits: © Philips Lighting
    VLS GLOW 17 Image 1 – Photo credits: © Philips Lighting