The VL2600 SE Profile is the newest version of Vari-Lite’s iconic workhorse profile fixture with an upgraded 570W light engine for 23,750 lumens of output, exemplifying why the VL2600 SE Series is the smart choice product with a sustainable future. This powerful, versatile profile luminaire is among the brightest in its class, offering excellent light quality, a broad color palette, and a wide range of features. It’s no wonder the fixture is highly specified around the world for tours, theatrical productions, theatrical and house of worship installations, and more.


    The VL2600 SE Profile offers a broad choice of saturated colors thanks to the CMY color system and variable CTO adjustment. Great for touring, studio, or stage, the VL2600 SE Profile offers full features for live events, along with a color range and CRI suitable for theatrical and studio productions. The VL2600 SE Profile allows designers to achieve the look they want with features including iris, two gobo wheels, one fixed color wheel, prism and variable frost. Compact, lightweight, fast and accurate, the VL2600 SE Profile is engineered to be easy to use, prep and maintain.


    See below for VL2600 Profile Legacy information.


    • High-output, mid-sized profile luminaire - versatile workhorse fixture
    • Excellent quality of light and flat, even beam -  get the perfect look every time
    • Full wipe framing shutter -broad color range and adjustable color temperature
    • Wide zoom -  go from 7° to 48° for wide beams or pin light looks
    • Wide feature set -  fixed and rotating/indexing gobo wheels, fixed color wheel, dual prism, and variable control frost

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